How to Merge LinkedIn Accounts in 2023 (Quick Guide for Entrepreneurs)

As a small business owner, having a professional, consolidated LinkedIn presence is critical for networking and growth. But over time, you may have created multiple LinkedIn accounts that now dilute your brand and create confusion. Fortunately, LinkedIn makes it possible to merge accounts.

Follow this expanded 2023 guide to bring all your entrepreneurial assets into one powerful profile.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Merge Accounts

Wearing multiple hats, you may have accounts for specific ventures or roles. While this fragmentation made sense initially, the downsides now likely outweigh the benefits:

  • Scrambles your personal brand: With content and contacts fractured across accounts, your expertise looks disjointed. This can dissuade potential partners and investors.
  • Strains your online management: Posting, connecting with others, and monitoring notifications across multiple accounts takes precious time.
  • Violates LinkedIn’s terms: LinkedIn prohibits users from having more than one personal account, putting you at risk of account suspension.

Consolidating provides one centralized place to direct people, saving you time while showcasing your entrepreneurial journey.

Vital Pre-Merge Preparations

Before initiating the account merge process, some critical groundwork will safeguard your data and relationships:

  • Inform key connections: Email close connections, especially those who may rely on your account(s) for business purposes. Explain the pending merge and timeline. Offer to re-connect post-merge if needed.
  • Evaluate groups and content: Review groups joined and content posted across accounts. Make a plan to re-join the most critical groups and migrate any helpful posts.
  • Analyze account analytics: Compare account statistics like engagement and impressions. These insights can identify which account to make the primary consolidated profile.

Investing in these preparatory steps will ease the transition to one account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Merging

When ready, integrate your accounts using LinkedIn’s merge tool:

  1. Confirm you can login to both accounts and have the passwords handy.
  2. Visit the Settings of the secondary account that will close post-merge.
  3. Access Account preferences > Merge LinkedIn accounts.
  4. Enter the primary account’s email and password. Double check they are accurate.
  5. Click Continue and confirm the merge.

Within approximately one week, LinkedIn will combine data behind the scenes if no issues surface. Expect merge confirmation emails.

Post-Merge Follow-Ups

With accounts integrated on LinkedIn’s end, you should:

  • Re-join groups and contacts: Groups and connections can be lost in merging. Search and request to re-join priority groups. Send connection invites to key contacts.
  • Review profile content: Delete or update any duplicated content now in your profile from both accounts.
  • Adjust notifications: Visit settings to fine-tune notifications for your interests and avoid overwhelm.
  • Decide if you’ll close the old account: You can leave the secondary account open but inactive. Or close it to adhere to LinkedIn guidelines.

Troubleshooting Snags & Solutions

During a major account transition like merging, snags can happen:

Issue Troubleshooting Tips
Lost Contacts Leverage LinkedIn search to source contacts’ profiles and resend connection requests
Limited Account Access Use LinkedIn’s password reset before contacting customer support
Dropped Groups Search for key entrepreneurial groups that further your goals to rejoin

Proactively addressing any hiccups will get your consolidated account operating smoothly.

Critical Takeaways for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur juggling many responsibilities, merging disjointed LinkedIn accounts presents a valuable opportunity to showcase your full experience. With a unified presence, partners, investors and customers can better appreciate your capabilities while you save time and avoid policy violations.

Bear these tips in mind through the process:

  • Inform your closest contacts before merging accounts to maintain relationships
  • Evaluate accounts thoroughly before deciding which becomes primary
  • Follow LinkedIn’s guidelines closely as you request the merge
  • Tidy up your profile and settings post-merge
  • Troubleshoot issues swiftly if they arise

While account merging requires some heavy lifting initially, the long-term payoff for entrepreneurs makes it well worthwhile. Here’s to showcasing all your entrepreneurial assets in one impressive LinkedIn profile!