How to Make Someone Admin on Discord in 2023 (Fast Way)

As an entrepreneur managing a growing Discord community, you may find yourself needing help to moderate conversations, welcome new members, and enforce your server‘s rules. Appointing trustworthy users as admins can provide you with assistance and help your server thrive.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share insider tips to quickly promote users to admin status on both desktop and mobile. As an experienced Discord user who‘s managed multiple servers over 5 years, I‘ll also provide my perspective on choosing effective admins and leveraging their abilities.

Why Designate Other Admins?

Here are 5 key reasons entrepreneurs should empower admins on their Discord servers:

  • Handle Moderation at Scale – Admins can remove inappropriate content, ban troublesome users, and resolve disputes. This is crucial as servers grow past 500+ members.
  • Welcome and Assist New Members – Admins can greet new users, point them to relevant channels, and answer common questions. This helps retention.
  • Organize Events and Activities – Admins can schedule community events like AMAs, contests, game nights. This boosts engagement.
  • Enforce Rules and Guidelines – Admins help ensure community rules are followed. They can warn or ban members that repeatedly cause issues.
  • Manage Roles and Permissions – Admins can edit roles and permissions to better organize large servers with many channels and members.

According to Discord, the largest public servers now have up to hundreds of thousands of members. Servers of that size require multiple admins to properly moderate conversations and engage users.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making Admins

Follow these simple steps in the desktop or mobile app to make any user an admin:

On Desktop:

  1. Click your Server Name > Server Settings > Roles
  2. Click Create Role and name it "Admin"
  3. Go to Permissions and enable Administrator
  4. Go to Members and right-click on a user > Edit Roles
  5. Select the Admin checkbox to assign them the role

On Mobile:

  1. Tap your Server Name > Settings > Roles
  2. Tap the + icon and name the role "Admin"
  3. Tap Administrator under Permissions to enable
  4. Go to Members and tap the "…" menu next to a user
  5. Tap the switch next to Admin to assign them the role

Discord Admin Role

Assigning the Admin role via desktop and mobile

That‘s all it takes – just a few clicks to grant trusted users full admin powers!

Choosing the Right Admins

Not all members are suited to be admins. As a server owner, consider these tips when picking admins:

  • Active community members – Choose those who actively participate and demonstrate dedication.
  • Experience level – Give preference to more experienced members vs. newcomers.
  • Maturity and judgment – Select members who handle disputes calm and thoughtfully.
  • Availability – Pick users who can regularly check in and moderate during peak times.
  • Relevant expertise – Admins with expertise in your server‘s focus can better assist members.

Also be cautious of assigning too many admins at once. Start with just 1-2 and slowly expand as your server grows. Monitor new admins closely for any misuse of powers.

Key Admin Tools and Abilities

Here are the most important things your new admins can help manage and moderate:

  • Removing inappropriate messages
  • Banning or muting abusive users
  • Resolving member disputes in DMs
  • Greeting new members and answering questions
  • Scheduling community events and activities
  • Managing notifications and announcements
  • Editing channel names, descriptions and permissions
  • Reviewing flagged content and warning bad actors
  • Promoting active members to new roles

While powerful, admins cannot delete the server itself or remove the server owner. Exercise good judgment when choosing admins, and don‘t hesitate to remove the role from any that abuse privileges.

Promote Trusted Members Today

With Discord servers requiring round-the-clock moderation, promoting other users to admin can be crucial for server growth and health. Carefully designate 1-2 highly trusted members to begin with. Empower them to moderate content, assist newcomers, and organize engaging events.

Just be cautious not to add too many admins at once or give the role to unvetted members. Monitor any potential abuse closely. Used judiciously, granting the Admin role can greatly strengthen your Discord community.