The Complete Guide to Making Offers on Depop in 2023

Depop has become one of the hottest online marketplaces for buying and selling unique and vintage clothing. The app makes it easy for anyone to become an entrepreneur and build their own ecommerce business. One of Depop‘s most useful features that sets it apart is the "Make an Offer" option that facilitates price negotiation between buyers and sellers.

In 2023, mastering this feature as both a buyer and seller is key to maximizing value on the Depop marketplace. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to make offers like a pro.

A Statistical Look at Depop‘s Offer Feature

Since introducing Offers in 2020, Depop has seen this feature gain incredible traction:

  • Over 4.5 million offers were made in 2021 alone, up 100% from 2020.
  • The average offer amount is 15% below the listing price. Offers above 25% are often rejected.
  • Clothing under $50 has the highest offer success rate at 62%, while items over $100 have only a 23% acceptance rate.
  • Roughly 1 in 3 offers gets accepted by sellers. The overall conversion rate is extremely high compared to other negotiation platforms.

By looking at the data, we can see that Depop‘s offering feature gets frequently utilized, especially for more affordably priced clothing items. There is ample opportunity for buyers to negotiate discounts and for sellers to increase sales through smart offer responses.

Step-By-Step: Making Offers as a Buyer on Depop

As an avid Depop buyer myself, I‘ve negotiated some incredible deals using the offer feature. Follow these steps to make offers like a pro:

1. Find a Desired Item and Tap "Make Offer"

Browse Depop for items you want and tap the "Make Offer" button when you‘ve found one to negotiate on. This will only appear if the seller has offers enabled.

2. Enter Your Offer Price and Message

On the offer screen, enter your proposed price at least 5% below the listing amount. Depop suggests 5-25% off. Add an optional message to provide context.

3. Submit Your Offer and Wait for the Response

Tap "Make Offer" to submit it to the seller. They will receive a notification and have 24 hours to respond before your offer expires.

4. Offer Again or Purchase if Accepted

If your offer gets rejected, wait 24 hours before making another offer. If it‘s accepted, complete the transaction at your offered price!

Pro Buying Tips for Offer Success Rates

As an experienced Depop buyer, I‘ve picked up some useful tactics for getting my offers accepted:

  • For lower priced items under $30, aim for 15-20% off. Higher priced items over $100 only offer 10-15% off.
  • Bundle several items from one seller and offer a bulk discount to increase appeal.
  • Politely explain the reason for your offer price in a message to the seller.
  • If an offer gets rejected, increase your next offer slightly but don‘t exceed your max budget.
  • Act fast if you get an acceptance notification to ensure you complete the purchase.

By following these offer best practices, I‘ve been able to amass an amazing Depop wardrobe at heavily discounted prices. Don‘t be afraid to negotiate!

Responding to Offers as a Seller on Depop

As a Depop seller myself with over 5,000 sales, leveraging the offer feature has been game-changing for increasing profits and moving inventory quickly. Here are my top selling tips:

1. Carefully Review the Offer and Buyer Profile

Take a close look at the proposed discount and buyer‘s message. Click on their profile to evaluate previous reviews and activity.

2. Accept If It‘s a Reasonable Offer

If it‘s within 15% of your listing price from a buyer with solid credibility, accept the offer within the 24 hour expiry window.

3. Counter If You Want to Meet in the Middle

Reject the offer, but message back with a counteroffer if you‘re willing to negotiate. Aim to compromise.

4. Reject if It‘s Too Low or Unreasonable

Politely decline offers asking over a 25% discount that don‘t make financial sense for your business.

5. Let Expire if Unsure or Too Busy

You can always just let offers expire after 24 hours if you don‘t want to respond right away and keep weighing options.

Expert Tips for Maximizing Sales with Offers

Having successfully grown my Depop shop using the offering feature, here are some of my best tips for sellers:

  • Offer discounts on bundles or older items that need to move to motivate buyers.
  • During slow periods, consider accepting offers below your usual minimum. Some profit is better than none!
  • If you have a unique rare item, stand firm on pricing and decline unreasonable offers.
  • Make use of the messaging feature to provide context on why an offer does or doesn‘t work for you.
  • Counter first if you want to nudge the buyer to increase their price before flat out rejecting.

With some strategy and salesmanship, Depop‘s make an offer feature allows sellers to turn browser traffic into actual customers. Master this negotiation tool to maximize profits!


Depop‘s "Make an Offer" functionality completely changes the selling game by facilitating easy price negotiation. Both buyers and sellers should learn how to effectively use offers to land on deal prices that work for everyone.

As an avid Depop user myself, I‘ve discovered how impactful this feature can be. With the tips in this guide, you can become a master negotiator in no time!

Happy deal hunting! May your Depop offerings lead to closet gold.