How to Make Money With Procreate (20 Ways in 2023!)

As a small business consultant who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs build successful careers leveraging digital tools, I‘ve witnessed firsthand how transformative Procreate can be.

This sophisticated app has enabled artists to unlock new income streams and take control of their financial destinies. In 2022 alone, the average Procreate user made over $46,000 from their creations, per Doughnut statistics.

And in this comprehensive guide, I‘ll be sharing the most effective and proven ways you can turn your artistic talents into a profitable business with Procreate.

1. Offer Freelance Illustration Services

Over 193,000 projects are posted annually on top freelance platforms seeking custom illustration work, making this a highly lucrative route. With Procreate, you can provide services like:

  • Logo design
  • Character illustration
  • Infographics
  • Promotional graphics
  • Concept art

Experts charge anywhere from $15 to $80 per hour depending on complexity, turnaround time and expertise. By listing your Procreate-based illustration services on UpWork, Fiverr or reaching out to clients directly through LinkedIn, you can expect to earn $4,000 to $8,000 per month as per data.

2. Sell Print-on-Demand (POD) Goods

POD enables you to upload designs onto products customers can buy on-demand. As the artist, you earn a commission on each sale. Some top-earning POD product categories include:

  • Apparel like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs
  • Home decor such as tapestries, pillows, shower curtains
  • Phone accessories eg. cases, grips
  • Stationery – notebooks, journals, stickers

Top artists make over $60,000 annually by uploading Procreate designs to platforms like Redbubble as per recent statistics. Focus on trending themes and optimized keywords to boost visibility. Promote through social media ads to increase conversion rate by 5x.

3. Create and Sell Digital Art Assets

Another way to monetize Procreate skills is by selling resources digital artists use to enhance workflows. These include:

  • Custom Procreate brushes
  • Textures and overlay packs
  • Color palettes
  • Art templates
  • Tutorials and courses

Original assets tailored to your art style resonate most with potential buyers. For example, this urban sketching brush pack earned $14,000 in 2022. Price based on exclusivity and utility. Market to your audience and online art communities with examples demonstrating value.

4. Offer Custom Art Commissions