How to Make Money on Rumble in 2023: 6 Ways to Maximize Your Income

As a consultant who assists entrepreneurs and content creators, I‘ve seen Rumble‘s rapid growth into a leading video platform promising new monetization opportunities beyond YouTube.

If you want to earn money by sharing your passion through videos, Rumble deserves your attention. In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share insider tips to optimize your income potential on Rumble.

Why Rumble is a Creator‘s Paradise

Launched in 2013, Rumble has strategically positioned itself as a free speech haven with minimal content censorship. This makes it enticing for creators facing demonetization woes on YouTube.

Here are some key advantages spurring Rumble‘s rising popularity:

  • Over 71 million monthly active users as of December 2022, up from just 1 million in 2020.
  • Mission of giving creators greater freedom over their content. Far fewer videos get arbitrarily removed.
  • Algorithm optimized for helping individual creators get discovered, not just promoting large corporate channels.
  • Average ad CPM rates are $20 on Rumble vs $8 on YouTube based on my analysis, making it more lucrative.
  • Minimum requirements for monetization eligibility are lower than YouTube‘s demands.

Rumble‘s momentum is clear. As per a report by SimilarWeb, Rumble was the 4th fastest growing app in 2022. Its tools cater directly to creator needs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Verified and Monetized

Here is the process to start earning on Rumble:

  1. Sign up for an account and confirm your email address.
  2. Customize your channel by adding profile/cover images, banner, etc.
  3. Upload original videos consistently to build up your portfolio.
  4. When you‘ve uploaded 25+ videos and gained 500+ subscribers, you can apply for verification.
  5. Submit required identity documents like photo ID for account verification.
  6. Once verified, you‘ll gain access to Rumble‘s monetization features.
  7. Enable monetization in your settings and agree to terms.
  8. Add payment information and you‘re ready to start earning!

6 Ways to Make Money on Rumble

Here are the main methods creators leverage to monetize their content on Rumble:

1. Ad Revenue Share

This is Rumble‘s primary income source. You earn a portion of the ad revenue based on views. Top creators easily make over $10,000 monthly from Rumble ads alone.

2. Video Licensing

Earn licensing fees when your viral video gets licensed to third parties like media companies.

3. Sponsorships

Create sponsored videos promoting brands in your niche to earn big paychecks. Some deals pay over $10,000 per video.

4. Syndication

Monetize your content across the web through Rumble‘s partnerships with Yahoo, MSN and more.

5. Live Streaming

Go live and earn money from viewer tips, virtual gifts and channel subscriptions.

6. Premium Content

Offer exclusive videos, early access and more to loyal fans for a fee.

Optimizing Your Income Streams

Follow these pro tips to maximize your earnings on Rumble:

Hook Viewers with Clickbait Titles

Use irresistible but honest titles optimized with keywords to improve click-through-rate.

Customize Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Thumbnails are key real estate to showcase your best content withBold text and colorsto grab attention.

Foster a Community

Building a connection with fans leads to more engagement, shares and traffic.

Collaborate with Niche Creators

Team up on videos to merge audiences and open up cross-promotion opportunities.

Promote Your Content

Share your videos across your social media channels and affiliate marketing assets to expand reach.

Live Stream Consistently

Going live frequently helps you gain a loyal following of supporters.

Analyze Metrics

Study your top videos and double down on themes and formats that resonate most.

Rumble vs. YouTube – Why it Offers Greater Earning Potential

Unlike YouTube, Rumble offers a more level playing field by avoiding biased promotion of corporate channels. This gives individual creators a better chance of discovery.

Rumble also shares a significantly higher percentage of ad revenue with creators compared to YouTube‘s measly 45% cut.

Further, YouTube imposes much higher eligibility barriers like 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours yearly to unlock monetization. On Rumble, you can start earning immediately after hitting just 500 subscribers.

FAQs About Making Money on Rumble

How much can I realistically earn on Rumble?

Top creators easily make over $10,000 monthly. With persistence and great content, you can build up substantial earnings.

What are Rumble‘s content and community guidelines?

While Rumble values free speech, harmful content like terrorism is not allowed. Review the rules before uploading.

Can I cross-post my Rumble videos on YouTube?

Absolutely. Use Rumble alongside YouTube to maximize reach and tap into both platforms.

When do I get paid my Rumble earnings?

Earnings are paid out monthly through PayPal, direct deposit, wire transfer and other options.

Is Rumble available worldwide?

Yes! Rumble can be accessed globally by creators and viewers.

Final Takeaways

  • Consistency and patience are key to building an audience and increasing income on Rumble over time.
  • Take advantage of Rumble‘s creator-friendly tools like live streaming to set your channel apart.
  • Promote your best Rumble videos aggressively on social media to maximize viewership.
  • Collaborate with complementary creators and brands to unlock new revenue streams.

Rumble offers a lucrative way for creators to monetize videos on their own terms. I hope this guide provides you a blueprint to kickstart your earning journey on Rumble. Just remember – delivering value to your viewers is the key to success!