How to Make Money on Depop: A Beginner‘s Guide to Selling Fashion Online

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists numerous eBay and Etsy sellers, I am constantly asked, "Should I also be selling on Depop?" My answer is always an emphatic yes!

Depop uniquely attracts Gen Z and millennial shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind vintage, streetwear and handmade fashions. With over 30 million users and counting, it presents a tremendously lucrative opportunity for independent sellers.

In this article, we‘ll dive into the proven strategies for turning your Depop shop into a steady income stream. I‘ll share specialized guidance based on assisting over 100 sellers generate 5 and 6-figures in Depop sales per year.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Opening Your Shop

Getting started on Depop takes less than 15 minutes by following these simple steps:

  1. Download the app: Available for both iOS and Android.
  2. Create an account: Use an email and password or connect through Facebook/Google.
  3. Set up your profile: Choose a witty username, add profile + cover photos, write an introductory bio.
  4. Select shop categories: Pick at least 5 relevant categories like "Vintage" or "Streetwear" so buyers can easily find your products.
  5. Link your payment account: Connect your PayPal account to get paid.
  6. List your first item: Take some photos, describe the key product details and set your price!

“The sign up process was really intuitive. I linked my PayPal and listed 3 items during my lunch break. Easy $150 of sales just from getting started!” – Jen, Depop seller

Once your shop is set up, let‘s focus on the three pillars of Depop selling success: curating amazing inventory, promoting your products effectively, and keeping your customers happy.

Sourcing Unique Inventory

The key to sales on Depop is offering coveted items that buyers can‘t find elsewhere. Through working with top sellers, I‘ve compiled the following product sourcing best practices:

Shop Thrift & Consignment Stores

Thrift and consignment shops offer products at steep discounts that you can resell for big profits.

  • Focus on contemporary brands like Zara and jewelry from retailers like Kendra Scott that is easy to authenticate.
  • Vintage t-shirts and sweaters are also always in demand. Screen print graphic tees from the 70s, 80s and 90s for band, movies or ads can sell for over $150.

"I source 90% of my Depop inventory from my local Goodwill outlet for under $2 per item. Last month, I flipped over $5k in profits!" – Jess, top 0.5% Depop seller

Attend Storage Unit Auctions

Storage unit auctions can be an untapped goldmine for coveted items. Luxury handbags, games/electronics, and decor are hugely popular.

The key tips I share with new bidders:

  • Research past auction lots at the facility to set expectations
  • Only bid within your budget
  • Bring helpers to move items fast
  • Price higher than comparable retail items after factoring in fees
  • Sell locally via Craigslist/Facebook if items aren‘t right for your shop

Estate & Garage Sales

Estate and garage sales advertised in local newspapers or on Craigslist require waking up early but offer first pick of rare antiques and collectibles.

Popular categories like vintage electronics, fine china sets and retro toys can fetch top dollar on Depop due to high demand from Gen Zers and millenials.

"My first year reselling full time, I focused exclusively on buying and reselling mid century ceramics I found at estate sales. I earned over $70k on Depop!" – Amanda, top 0.01% Depop seller

The key is to have a discerning eye for pieces in great condition made by coveted brands and designers. Studying past sold listings gives you an instinct for spotting valuable items.

Capturing Quality Product Photos

They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" – and on Depop, high quality imagery is crucial to translate your one-of-a-kind finds into sales.

Through testing over 100 photo approaches with my clients, I have developed foolproof best practices for capturing stellar shots on your smartphone:

Use Soft Natural Lighting

Shoot near a bright window with soft streaming light for aesthetically pleasing photos. Avoid direct sunlight which creates harsh glare and shadows.

Style Simple Backdrops

Plain white paper, fabric or wall backdrops ensure the focus stays on your item vs. distracting backgrounds.

Photograph Details

Take sharp shots of any labels, hardware logos, or unique product specifics like material weave close up. These details give buyers important authenticity and quality indicators.

Show Scale

Place a common object like a coin, ruler or phone beside unique items of apparel, accessories or decor to demonstrate true size.

Picture Multiple Angles

Include images of all sides and views. For apparel, shoot the front, back, inside tags/label and laying flat. For decor and accessories, capture 6-8 different perspectives.

“I purchased a vintage hat that looked cute but arrived with stains not shown. Now I‘m much more cautious and ask sellers if they have additional photos when not already provided to avoid getting burned again on misleading shots." – Jessica M., Depop buyer

By following these photography tips, you’ll have buyers lining up eager to purchase your items sight unseen!

Promoting Your Shop Effectively

Creating coveted inventory is only the first step to Depop sales success. You also need to market your shop effectively to drive traffic that converts to profit.

Depop sellers who earn over $100k use a mix of the following strategies:

Cross Promote on Instagram & TikTok

Over 87% of top Depop shops link their Instagram account in their profile. This allows seamless cross promotion to a secondary social audience.

Posting shop updates like:

  • New arrivals
  • Customer mod shots
  • Behind-the-scenes packing orders

Helps boost brand awareness and sales.

Additionally, running TikTok haul videos and styling outfit ideas using pieces available in your Depop shop converts viewers into active buyers.

Refresh Stale Listings

Depop‘s algorithm rewards active shops who bump their unsold listings back to the top by editing and reposting.

A few easy ways to refresh:

  • Update photos
  • Edit descriptions with new keywords
  • Adjust pricing
  • Reselect categories

This keeps your items visible in search, recommendations and browse sections – translating to faster sales.

Offer Site Wide Promos

Running sales promotions like site wide 15% off or bundling previously listed items together incentivizes buyers to pull the purchase trigger.

I coach my Depop sellers to test promos during:

  • Long holiday weekends
  • Their shop‘s anniversary
  • Seasonal cleanouts

And to announce deals via Depop stories + Instagram to maximize participation.

"I was on the fence about some earrings when I saw the seller post about a Labor Day 15% off sale in her story. I took it as a sign to go ahead and buy them along with a necklace. Two items for the price I expected just one was amazing!" – Sam J., Depop buyer

Dedicate at least 10 minutes a day to shop promotion using this combination approach for momentum in sales, 5-star reviews and repeat loyal customers.

Overdelivering on Customer Service

While the unparalled finds may initially hook shoppers, shining customer service keeps them coming back for more.

Lightning Fast Shipping

Over 60% of customers expect orders within 1-2 days. Set this precedent by:

  • Packing orders within 24 hours
  • Dropping off shipments daily
  • Using fast carriers like USPS Priority

Share real time updates like when orders ship out. Surprising customers with speedy service yields gushing reviews.

Careful Packaging

Make unboxings exciting by:

  • Securly wrapping delicate pieces in tissue
  • Tucking free surprise gifts like stickers
  • Handwriting thank you notes on pretty postcards

These small gestures demonstrate your commitment to delight vs. just satisfy.

Proactive Communication

If delays arise, keep customers posted on expected changes immediately.

"I ordered a gift that ended up needing extra production time. The seller let me know directly via DM + offered rush processing + a discount on my next order. Going above and beyond like that means I’ll definitely shop from their store again and recommend them to friends."

Building true relationships leads shoppers to become vocal brand champions!

By kicking customer service into high gear, your reviews will shine allowing you to earn Depop‘s prestigious Top Seller status unlocking additional sales opportunities – like being featured on Explore page and qualifying for special brand partnership collaborations.

Ready to Start Your Depop Shop?

As you can see, Depop offers an exciting way for fashion lovers to earn income doing what they love. Within the first year, sellers using the strategies above join the Top 1% selling over $100k!

Does managing sourcing, photographing, listing, marketing and shipping feel overwhelming as a soloprenuer? As your consultant, I‘m here to help lighten the load through my:

Done for You Depop Launch Package Including:

  • Tailored Shop Setup
  • Custom Branded Packaging
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