How to Make Money on Bigo Live in 2023: 6 Steps for Beginners

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve helped many content creators maximize emerging social platforms. With over 400 million users, Bigo Live presents a major opportunity for those looking to profit from live streaming.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore how anyone can turn their presence on Bigo Live into a money-making venture.

Step 1: Set Up Your Bigo Live Account

Getting started on Bigo Live is simple and fast.

  • Download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create your account using your phone number or connecting your Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Set up your profile by adding a profile photo, username, and short bio introducing yourself and your planned content. This makes a first impression on viewers.

Pro tip: Choose a username and profile pic that align with your niche to attract the right audience.

Step 2: Define Your Niche and Content Strategy

Successful Bigo Live creators cater to a specific niche. Determine what you‘re most passionate and knowledgeable about to specialize in.

Popular niches include:

  • Gaming
  • Music performances
  • Cooking
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Comedy

Crafting compelling content is key to building an audience.

  • Share your experiences through storytelling rather than random streams of consciousness.
  • Interact with viewers through the live chat to foster community.
  • Invest in quality equipment like lighting and a high-def webcam to increase production value.

Step 3: Set a Consistent Streaming Schedule

According to Bigo Live, consistent creators see up to 2.2x more viewers. Set a regular streaming schedule and stick to it.

Strategies to build consistency:

  • Stream at the same times on set days so fans know when to watch.
  • Use Bigo Live‘s reminder feature to notify followers of upcoming streams.
  • Promote your schedule across your other social media channels.

Streaming 1-2 times per week to start is recommended. You can increase frequency as your following grows.

Step 4: Grow Your Audience

Employ these tactics to expand your viewership beyond just family and friends.

  • Interact with viewers in the live chat using their usernames. Respond to questions and comments in real-time.
  • Collaborate with other creators by going live together orcross-promoting. Introduce each other‘s audiences to new content.
  • Run creative contests and challenges to get viewers inviting their networks. Offer small prizes or shoutouts.
  • Promote your channel across social media, especially just before going live.

Step 5: Understand Bigo Live‘s Monetization System

Once you‘ve built an engaged audience, Bigo Live offers multiple ways to earn real money from your content.

  • Receive virtual gifts from fans during live streams, which convert into diamonds (virtual currency).
  • Exchange diamonds for beans, another digital currency that can be withdrawn.
  • Join the Partner Program to access monetization features and revenue share gifts.

Other programs like Talent Agencies also provide monetization opportunities.

Step 6: Adapt and Evolve Your Content

As Bigo Live rolls out new features, stay up-to-date to retain and grow your audience.

  • Keep your content and streams fresh by trying out new formats.
  • Monitor trending topics and incorporate relevant content.
  • Check for app updates that give access to new capabilities.

The key is consistency, persistence, and continuously providing value to your community. By following these tips, you can turn Bigo Live into a money-making live streaming venture.