How to Make Money in the Summer of 2023 (Earn Extra Cash)

As a small business owner and entrepreneurship consultant, I‘ve helped many people turn their summer passions into profitable side hustles. The warmer months bring ample opportunities to make extra money while still enjoying the sunny season.

In this guide, we‘ll explore diverse, creative strategies for generating income over the summer by capitalizing on emerging seasonal niches. I‘ll share unique insights from my own experience along with supporting data – equipping you to choose the right summer hustle based on your skills and interests.

Capitalize on Hot Summer Industries

The summer ushers increased consumer demand in industries like food, recreation, and tourism. Securing a seasonal job or side hustle in these areas allows you to earn handsomely while the sun shines.

Quench Thirsts with Beverage Businesses

As temperatures rise, cold drinks become highly coveted for refreshing relief. Iced coffee, lemonade stands, margarita carts, and mobile bars are popular and profitable summer ventures. Food cart permits, ingredients, and equipment may require $5,000 upfront, but you can earn over $4,000 per week in the right high-traffic locations.

U.S. seasonal beverage sales spike over 30% from May to August, with iced tea, lemonade, and fruit drink sales doubling (Source). Capture this demand by offering chilled beverages from carts, stands, or trucks placed strategically near summer hotspots.

Lead Water Sports Excursions

Aquatic recreation also surges in the balmier months, with water sports and activities generating over $37 billion annually (Source). Becoming a kayak, paddleboard, or snorkeling guide allows you to capitalize on this demand while working outside. Most tour companies train guides and pay $15-$30 per booking hour. By running your own small group excursions, you can earn up to $100 an hour.

Provide Pool Services

In summertime, over 90% of households with pools utilize cleaning or maintenance services (Source). Starting pool cleaning, repair, or installation side hustles only requires a business license, equipment/chemicals, and marketing. Companies charge $50 to $150 per hour, bringing in $40k to $60k during peak season (May-August). Use social platforms and neighborhood groups to promote your services.

Turn Passions into Profitable Summer Pursuits

Pursuing personal interests is an enjoyable way to earn extra cash over summer break. Consider these creative ideas for converting hobbies into handsome summer side hustles.

Showcase Handmade Goods

Local markets, fairs, and online platforms like Etsy thirst for unique handmade goods. Selling jewelry, pottery, art, and other crafts you’re passionate about creating allows you to reap financial rewards from your creativity and connect with customers drawn to distinctive gifts and home goods. Setting up an Etsy shop costs just $0.20 per listing, and top sellers bring in over $100k annually (Source).

Capture Memories as Event Photographer

Families spend 30% more on photographers for weddings and events in vibrant summer months (Source). Offering your services as a contract photographer to capture treasured memories allows you to grow your portfolio while earning up to $100 per hour at events. Investing $3,000 to $5,000 in equipment is recouped quickly during peak summer booking season.

Busk in Public Spaces

Musicians can cash in on summer crowds at farmers markets, street fairs, parks, beaches, and shopping areas. Busk at high-trafficspots with your instrument of choice to earn tips, sell CDs, and promote future local performances. Top street performers earn $50 to $100+ per hour, transformingsidewalk shows intoa full-time job (Source).

So explore your unique interests this summer and identify opportunities to generate income from your talents! The warmer months prime consumers to support local artists, creators, and entertainers.


The arrival of summer brings bountiful openings to supplement income through vibrant seasonal jobs, flexible side hustles, and passion projects. As temperatures and spirits rise, so too does spending in industries like food, beverages, recreation, events, and tourism.

Capitalize on these hot summer niches by offering in-demand goods and services aligned with the sunny season. Whether you decide to scoop ice cream, lead paddleboard tours, clean pools, sell handmade crafts online, work events as a photographer, or perform music in the park, converting your summer passions into profits is totally achievable.

I hope this guide gave you creative ideas and the confidence to identify the perfect profitable summer pursuit. Please reach out if you need any assistance launching your own summer side hustle – I‘m always happy to help fellow hustlers and small business owners succeed. Wishing you a sun-filled, prosperous season ahead!