How to Make Money Crocheting: 17 Epic Business Ideas for Anyone to Start in 2023

Crocheting is enjoying a major resurgence, with people rediscovering the joys of this timeless craft. In tandem, the market for unique crocheted goods continues to grow each year. With some dedication and business savvy, you can easily turn your favorite hobby into a thriving crochet side hustle or full-time business.

In over a decade advising startups, I’ve seen tremendously creative artisans transform single Etsy shops into crochet empires grossing over $500k in annual revenue through intelligent strategy. Whether you’re looking for a flexible way to supplement your income or aspire to quit your 9-5 job to crochet full-time, this guide will set you up for success.

Below I’ve compiled 17 of the most lucrative ways to make money crocheting in today’s market, with insider tips to help you prosper. Let’s dive in!

Selling Finished Crochet Products

Selling your lovingly hand-crafted crochet creations is the most obvious starting point – but it can also develop into a highly profitable endeavor. Unique crocheted pieces stand out in today’s mass-produced marketplace, commanding premium pricing.

While locally selling at craft fairs and markets is a great way to get started, I typically recommend establishing an online shop to access worldwide demand right from the start.

Choosing an Online Marketplace

Here’s a comparison of the most popular online marketplace options along with key considerations for each:

Table comparing online marketplace options for selling finished crochet products

Based on your product type, target audience and business goals, select the platform(s) offering you the best chance to reach potential buyers. Most successful crochet entrepreneurs utilize a multi-channel sales approach across 2-3 platforms.

Pricing Your Creations

When determining how much to charge for your crocheted items, make sure to factor in:

  • Cost of materials (yarn, fibers, buttons, stuffing, etc.)
  • Your specialized labor (consider $25-50 per hour as a baseline)
  • 10-20% margin to cover overhead fees, shipping, and taxes

I recommend tracking your time on each product you create in a spreadsheet, then setting prices based on materials + hourly rate + margin. However this method doesn’t account for market demand. Analyzing comparable products to see what price range customers expect for certain crochet items is prudent as well.

Ulitmately finding the optimal balance between covering your costs and aligning with customer expectations takes some experimentation when you’re just starting out. But with experience pricing becomes second nature.

Product Photography & Listing Optimization

High-quality product photography and enticing listing presentations drastically boost sales conversions online. Invest in a good camera, lighting, and photo editing software like Photoshop to showcase your creations attractively across channels.

Craft thoughtful product descriptions that capture what makes your crochet pieces special and connect with potential buyers on an emotional level. Share your creative process and story.

Creating & Selling Crochet Patterns

Let your one-of-a-kind designs do the selling for you through self-published crochet patterns. Turn your creations into passive income streams while building global recognition.

The same online marketplaces that sell finished goods also allow artisans to market printable and downloadable crochet patterns, opening up fresh opportunities to profit from a single design over and over again.

Graph showing rising demand for crochet patterns

As you build up a collection of unique patterns in your shop, each new design becomes a potential lifelong source of royalty payments requiring no additional effort on your part.

However I encourage continuing to innovate new patterns periodically to sustain shop momentum and authority. Feature your latest patterns prominently across your online channels and social media to maximize exposure right after launch.

Offering Crochet-Related Services

Beyond making and selling items yourself, leverage your specialized skills to help fellow crocheters with their needs for ongoing income streams:

Pattern writing – Design original patterns and sell to publications or self-publish

Pattern testing – Check pre-publication patterns for errors and clarity issues

Product reviews – Get free products to evaluate or earn commissions reviewing for brands/publications

Crochet repairs & alterations – Modify damaged or improperly sized existing pieces

Consulting – Provide guidance on technique, tools, materials selection; assist other crochet startups

These crochet services generally pay hourly or per-project, adding up steadily as you gain happy repeat customers and build authority through referrals and reviews.

I‘ve seen talented crochet consultants easily command $100 per hour offering their wisdom to overwhelmed beginners. Consider what unique value and insider perspective you can provide worth paying good money for.

Launching Crochet Classes & Workshops

Impart your hard-won skills onto enthusiastic students through in-person and/or online classes. Beginner and intermediate crocheters especially appreciate structured learning with expert guidance.

If hosting local classes, partner with local yarn stores, craft shops, community centers, libraries, schools, or senior centers to access existing audiences interested in fiber arts education.

For digital classes, create video course content or live workshops and host on platforms like Skillshare, CreativeLive, Etsy, Ravelry, Bluprint, Udemy and more specialized sites.

Comprehensive video production, clear lesson plans and student engagement/support are key to succeeding as a virtual instructor. But carefully-produced digital classes can continue generating returns for minimal effort after the initial upfront work.

Launching a Niche Crochet Blog or Podcast

Blogs and podcasts centered around a crochet specialty (like amigurumi, apparel design, technique tutorials, industry interviews, etc) can establish you as an expert driving sales of related products, services, classes.

Building a crochet media platform fuels organic marketing and partnerships. Share the story behind your brand, creative process, and industry insights to attract a loyal, supportive audience.

While making significant advertising revenue from a blog or podcast is extremely difficult as a small independent player, the audience equity and professional credibility built is invaluable.

Monetization paths to explore once you‘ve grown an engaged following include affiliate commissions, sponsorships, premium content subscriptions, merchandising, virtual events, and more.

Assembling Project Kits

Curate crochet kits containing all the necessary materials and instructions for beginners to easily tackle specific cute projects on their own. Kits might include:

  • Yarn or thread in colors needed
  • Corresponding crochet hook(s)
  • Buttons, stuffing, or other notions
  • Printed pattern tutorials

Theme your kits around various animals, apparel for kids/adults, decorative pieces, etc. This value-added approach generates higher sales from the same sets of supplies while making the buying experience simpler for customers.

Kits also make fantastic gifts for the crafty person in your life!

Teaching Young Students

Inspire future generations by sharing crochet with elementary or middle school students in workshops tailored just for them. Schools increasingly look to outside experts to enrich creativity.

Focus on simple but engaging first projects like headbands, pouches, friendship bracelets. Prepare kid-friendly video tutorials they can reference later and share digitally if possible. Send them off with a starter kit of hooks and yarn to continue practicing at home.

The face-to-face mentorship of a passionate artisan can spark a lifelong love for crochet!

Starting a Subscription Crochet Box

Subscription boxes and crochet clubs represent a sizable opportunity to provide members with fresh inspiration while securing reliable recurring revenue for your business.

Carefully curate monthly deliveries featuring new/seasonal yarns, original patterns, premium tools, limited-edition kits, or other crochet goodies tailored to subscribers‘ skill levels and project interests conveyed on sign-up questionnaires.

Foster community engagement through member forums, contests, exclusive Q&As or classes. Build anticipation for each month’s reveal to spark joy and maintain perceived value.

While sourcing compelling items and managing fulfillment/shipping for subscriptions does take work, you benefit from guaranteed baseline sales to finance growth initiatives.

Hosting Crochet-Themed Parties

Inject crafty fun into events for adults or kids by organizing special crochet parties:

Bachelorette parties – Teach guests a simple project like flower crowns or wrist corsages while enjoying snacks and champagne

Baby showers – Make baby blankets or stuffed animals for expecting moms

Birthday parties for kids – Craft amigurumi animals or accessories as take-home favors

Corporate team building – Break the ice by leading groups to crochet collaborative wall hangings

Schedule multiple private events per week or host regularly monthly public parties in your studio, community lounge spaces, yarn shop. Charge per head or build cost of materials into ticket pricing.

Writing Crochet Books, Patterns Books or Self-Publishing E-Books

Tap into the popularity of crochet books, magazines, blogs and independent publishing platforms to spread your designs far and wide while making great money in book royalties. Consider both digital and print distribution.

Narrow your focus to raise perceived authority and marketability. Rather than a general guide to crochet, zero in on particular techniques like Irish lace, Tunisian crochet, broomstick lace or niche subjects like holiday patterns, menswear, amigurumi, home decor, etc. Specify beginner-friendly if applicable.

Self-published e-books allow you to collect 70%+ royalties and fine-tune content based directly on customer feedback before committing to print. Promote your books across online craft communities.

Offering Hands-On Repair, Alteration & Restoration Services

Provide treasured heirloom repair/modification for valued crochet pieces requiring a delicate touch. Offer services on your website, local knit/crochet shops, senior center bulletins.

Modify improperly sized vintage pieces to fit. Reinforce holes and tears in delicate antique lace or tablecloths using subtle hand stitches nearly invisibly. Re-block distorted garments into shape. Replace missing buttons or embellishments on treasured childhood items or wedding gowns to restore their original glory.

Take in fully unraveled pieces clients can’t bear to part with and re-crochet in better-wearing threads. The joy you’ll bring by saving cherished works is immense!

Teaching Crochet Skills to Seniors

Many seniors social groups, assisted living facilities and retirement homes have community spaces perfect for hosting free or low-cost crochet circles a few times a month. This builds meaningful interpersonal connections through craft while keeping aging hands and minds active.

You may need to instruct proper ergonomics for those with arthritis. Provide large-hook kits with smooth, easy-grip handles and lightweight yarn if dexterity is limited. Simple projects like lapghans, scarves or washcloths boost success.

Form peer-to-peer helper squads among crochet circle members to troubleshoot issues between meetings. Foster support and encouragement.

Starting Local Crochet Groups

On a related note, founding and facilitating crochet circles for makers of all ages nurtures community while establishing yourself as a leader and mentor.

Set up at coffee shops, makerspaces, community centers, churches, libraries. Structure occasional skill-building workshops between freeform work sessions. Guest speakers, “show and tell” presentations, charity events, field trips to fiber festivals, yarn shop tours, and pop-up sales keep things lively.

As leader, guide co-creation of group rules, dues/funding structures, communication channels. Build something greater than yourself that participants feel invested in. Magic happens when passionate creatives unite!

Teaching Crochet Skills to Shelter Residents

Those facing homelessness or domestic trauma often benefit emotionally from artistic expression and craft skills training to process, heal and rebuild self-confidence. Volunteer teaching crochet at shelters bridges socioeconomic divides through wisdom exchange.

Present beginner skills with an emphasis on mindfulness, breathing, releasing worry by focusing on each stitch. Donate starter kits with patterns for practical pieces like hats, scarves, blankets residents make and keep or give to family once in more stable housing.

Many nonprofit shelters have craft supply budgets or accept donated materials. Check for community service hours programs requiring student volunteerism you could assist with.

Collaborating with Local Yarn Producers

Develop exclusive product lines showcasing hand-dyed small-batch yarns from artisan farmers, spinners and dyers in your region. Support local agriculture through themed collections:

  • Alpaca Farm – Luxurious hypoallergenic alpaca yarn spun from humanely raised herds
  • Llama Ranch – Special bulky “chunky llama” yarns perfect for statement sweaters and rugs
  • Angora Rabbit Breeder – Impossibly soft angora yarn hand-harvested from gently brushed bunnies
  • Sheep Dairy Farm – Lusciously colorful, gently spun merino singles sourced from family milking flocks

Co-brand product labels, swing tags, custom project pattern booklets. Host a weekend fiber farm tour and pop-up trunk show. Arrange monthly “meet the makers” events at your local yarn shop.

Affiliate commissions from specialty artisan yarns can be quite lucrative while amplifying regional partners. Identify fiber artists and farms in your state through sites like

Planning Pop-Up Events at Craft Fairs, Festivals and Shows

Bring movable crochet parties and mobile maker spaces to popular regional events drawing huge crowds of potential new customers already in shopping mode.

Seek out family friendly outdoor festivals, cultural celebrations, craft/Renaissance fairs with interactive demos. Display stunning sample works attractively to invite curiosity. Offer hands-on make-and-take projects like crocheted flowers, headbands, wristlets or amigurumi.

Show attendees how accessible and fun crochet can be! Collect email signups to forward workshop schedule and special coupon codes on future classes or custom orders.

Offering Mini Crochet Camp Programs

Many parents struggle keeping energetic kids engaged over school breaks in meaningful activities advancing creativity and building confidence. Offer 3-5 day mini crochet camps during Spring Break or Winter Break for beginners ages 8-14.

Design structured projects teaching fundamental techniques. Weave in games, movement, mindful breathing circles. Display campers‘ finished works in an art show for family on the final afternoon. Send home portfolio booklets with photos from the week and patterns to spark continued interest.

Solidify future enrollment and local buzz by capturing smiling camper testimonials on video for your website and social media. Nothing generates leads like happy families sharing firsthand experiences. Consider hosting summer camps too!

I hope this download of profitable crochet business ideas sparks your entrepreneurial imagination! With some hustle and smarts, you can absolutely spin yarn into gold.

Remember, choose ideas matching your talents and regional opportunities. Start small while you build skills and confidence. Reinvest earnings to improve processes and products. Stay nimble, responding to customer feedback and market shifts. And above all, maintain the joy!

Let me know how I can further help on your crafty moneymaking mission. I’m always just an email away, eager to spur creativity and prosperity.

Happy hooking!

Small Biz Crochet Coach