How to Make Money as a Copywriter: 5 Unique Ways for You to Try in 2024

As a copywriting consultant who has helped dozens of entrepreneurs grow their business through compelling content, I‘ve seen firsthand how lucrative the career can be. The global copywriting industry is projected to grow to $85 billion by 2027, and as more companies rely on online marketing, skilled copywriters are in high demand.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share insider knowledge on the most effective methods you can leverage to earn income as a copywriter, along with actionable tips to set up a thriving and future-proof small business.

1. Freelance Copywriting

Offering freelance copywriting services encompasses a wide range of deliverables clients may need, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Website pages
  • Social media posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Email sequences
  • Ad copies

The pay for freelance projects varies substantially based on your skills, niche, portfolio and client budget:

Experience Level Hourly Rate Range
Beginner $20 – $50
Intermediate $50 – $80
Advanced $80 – $150+

To succeed and command top rates as a freelance copywriter:

  • Specialize in an industry or niche (e.g. tech, finance)
  • Master copywriting fundamentals like crafting effective headlines
  • Learn conversion optimization principles
  • Build a portfolio showcasing your published work
  • Promote your services by guest posting, social media marketing, etc.

2. Content Marketing Services

Helping businesses create optimized content for their websites and social platforms provides steady work, with 63% of companies planning to increase their content marketing spend in 2024.

Popular content marketing services you can offer include:

Blog Packages: Charge monthly retainers to produce regular blog content. Most SMBs pay $600 – $3000+ per month for 4-12 blog posts.

SEO Articles: Well-researched, optimized articles help businesses rank higher in search engines. Charge 15-25 cents per word.

Social Media Content: Create eye-catching social posts tailored to platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Charge $250 – $500 per month for daily updates.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on revising websites to boost conversions. As a copywriter, you can charge premiums for rewriting pages and crafting persuasive copy aimed to drive sales.

CRO services in high demand:

  • Landing page copy
  • Headlines and titles
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs)
  • Email sequences

Top copywriters specializing in CRO can earn $150-250 per hour. To succeed in this niche:

  • Learn principles like customer psychology and persuasion
  • Become skilled in A/B testing and data analysis
  • Show quantifiable conversion and revenue lift in past projects

4. Advertising Copywriting

Nearly 60% of marketers plan to allocate more budget towards online advertising. Writing compelling copies for platforms like Facebook and Google Ads is crucial for campaigns to succeed.

Rates for ad copy projects:

Deliverable Price Range
Facebook Ad $200 – $500 per ad
Landing Page $1000 – $1500 per page
Ad Copy Packages $2000+ per month

Key skills for excelling as an ad copywriter:

  • Studying platform specs and guidelines
  • Optimizing copy based on metrics like CTR
  • A/B testing ad creative

5. Ecommerce Copywriting

As buying continues shifting online, the need for copy that sells is growing. Writing killer product descriptions, buyer guides and other website content provides immense value.

In-demand ecommerce copywriting services:

  • Product Descriptions: Charge $50 – $150 per description, with bundles bringing the per cost down
  • Category Descriptions: Explain categories shoppers browse like makeup or furniture for $300 – $500 each.
  • Website Content Packages: Create FAQs, return policies etc. for $1500+ per month

To succeed as an ecommerce copywriter:

  • Research customer buying behavior
  • Study competitor product descriptions
  • Use benefit-focused and emotional copy

Next Steps

The demand for talented copywriters is higher than ever in 2024 across diverse specializations from conversion rate optimization to local advertising. By narrowing your niche, relentlessly honing your copywriting and sales skills, and effectively promoting your personal brand, you can build a highly lucrative copywriting business.

For first-hand guidance tailored to your goals as a solopreneur or small agency owner, check out my Copywriting Small Business Program. Let‘s talk copy and making money!