How to Make an Amazon Wish List: An Expert Guide for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, creating Amazon Wish Lists can be an invaluable tool for marketing, inventory planning, budgeting, and more. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to make and manage Wish Lists to promote your brand and simplify your purchasing.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a List

Getting started is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Amazon account
  2. Hover over "Accounts & Lists" and click "Create List"
  3. Name your list (e.g. "Marketing Giveaways")
  4. Choose privacy settings (more on this later)
  5. Click "Create List" and start adding items!

Pro Tip: Install the Amazon Assistant browser extension to add items from any website. This allows you to compile products from various sources into one centralized list.

Adding Items to Your Wish List

Populate your list using Amazon‘s vast catalog:

  • Search for keywords or browse category pages
  • Visit a product page and click "Add to List"
  • Save items from your shopping cart to revisit later

Example: As a small restaurant owner, I have a "Kitchen Equipment" list to track supplies needed, take advantage of sales, and plan my budget. This organizational approach helps me efficiently invest in my business.

Optimizing and Managing Your List

Take full advantage of Amazon‘s wish list features:

Use Multiple Lists

I recommend creating separate lists for personal purchases vs. business inventory. You can also organize by occasion like holidays or projects. Named lists are easier to manage than one cluttered monster list!

Add Notes

Include additional info like preferred color/size, or usage plans for a product. This allows you or gift-givers to choose the best options.

Prioritize Items

Mark high priority products to purchase first when budget allows. This helps you invest strategically.

Monitor Price Drops

Check back periodically – Amazon can send notifications if saved items go on sale up to 30% off. This helps small business owners pinch pennies!

Sharing Your Wish List with Customers

One of the most powerful marketing applications is letting customers directly purchase products you recommend.

Encourage Engagement

Share your niche wish list over social media or email subscribers. This provides value and incentives interaction.

Give Back to Supporters

Tools exist to randomly gift loyal supporters a free item from your list! This kind of goodwill goes a long way.

Launch New Products

Build buzz by letting customers add new product releases to their carts right from your list. Time this with discounts for maximum hype!

So in summary, the possibilities are endless for small businesses leveraging Amazon Wish Lists. With some savvy setup and sharing, they can be converted into sales, social following, email subscribers, and beyond! Let me know if you have any other questions.