How to Lock Your Apps for Security as an iPhone-using Entrepreneur

As a fellow small business owner who relies on my iPhone to manage critical company data, I know how vital it is to lock down your apps. Unsecured apps put sensitive information at risk – according to one survey, 78% of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack. So in this article, I‘ll share the techniques I use to lock apps on my iPhone to boost security. Let‘s explore the options together!

Enable Screen Time App Limits

The Screen Time feature built into iOS offers a quick, convenient way to add a passcode to specific apps. As an entrepreneur without much time to spare, I appreciate its simplicity:

  1. Open the Settings app and select Screen Time
  2. Tap App Limits
  3. Click the Add Limit button
  4. Choose which apps you want to lock down – I usually lock my finance apps and email
  5. Set the time limit for these apps to 1 minute
  6. Toggle Block at End of Limit on

Now, if I (or anyone else) tries opening one of my locked finance apps, iOS will prompt for my Screen Time passcode after just 1 minute of use.

Pros for entrepreneurs: Simple to configure, uses native Apple tools

Cons: Only works with default iOS apps

Leverage Guided Access

Guided Access is another feature entrepreneurs can use to lock apps on an iPhone. This method secures your entire device to one application:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Guided Access
  2. Flip the toggle to turn on Guided Access
  3. Set a custom passcode under Passcode Settings
  4. Triple click the Home button when in the app you want to lock down

Now your iPhone stays locked on that app until the passcode is entered correctly.

Pros: Works for any app, fast to enable

Cons: Restricts full phone access

As you can see, both Screen Time and Guided Access offer quick ways to boost mobile security without installing third-party software. By taking 30 seconds to lock your apps, you can give your sensitive company data an extra layer of defense.