How to Link Amazon Prime to Twitch in 2024: A Small Business Guide

As a small business owner, leveraging popular platforms like Twitch for brand awareness and lead generation is key for growth in 2024. With over 30 million daily active users, Twitch provides a massive opportunity to connect with potential customers.

Linking your Amazon Prime membership to Twitch supercharges your branding and unlock exclusive perks – making it an essential step for small businesses exploring marketing on Twitch.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll walk through everything you need to know as a small business owner to link Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts and maximize the benefits.

Overview of Linking Amazon Prime and Twitch

Connecting your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account enables Twitch Prime. This provides access to valuable benefits and features for both streamers and viewers.

Here are some of the main advantages Twitch Prime offers:

  • Free subscription to one Twitch channel per month
  • Free games and in-game content
  • Prime Gaming premium experience
  • Exclusive emotes and chat badges
  • Ad-free viewing across Twitch

Even if you already have an Amazon Prime membership, you won‘t get these perks on Twitch unless you specifically link between accounts.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Link Accounts

Let‘s walk through how to connect your Amazon Prime and Twitch accounts in just a few quick steps:

1. Head to

Go to and make sure you‘re signed out of any existing accounts. This is the main portal for managing your Twitch Prime membership.

2. Sign in to Amazon

  • Click "Sign In" in the upper right corner.
  • Enter your Amazon account email and password.
  • Complete two-factor authentication if enabled.

3. Sign in to Twitch

  • Click "Activate Twitch Prime" after signing into Amazon.
  • Input your Twitch username and password on the next screen.
  • Verify two-factor authentication if set up on your Twitch account.

4. Link Accounts

  • Click "Link Account" to connect your Amazon Prime membership with your Twitch account.
  • A confirmation message will appear once successfully linked.

That‘s all there is to it! Your accounts are now united and you can start using your Twitch Prime benefits right away.

Comparing Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming

In 2020, Twitch Prime was rebranded to Prime Gaming – but the core benefits stayed the same.

When you link Amazon Prime and Twitch today, you‘ll be activating Prime Gaming. Here‘s a quick comparison:

Twitch Prime Prime Gaming
Monthly channel subscription Still offered
Free games and in-game content Still offered
Limited to Twitch perks Expanded benefits
Light blue theme New purple visual theme

The shift to Prime Gaming opened up more features beyond just Twitch. However, linking your accounts still unlocks all the same Twitch-specific perks.

Using Prime Gaming Benefits for Your Business

As a small business owner, here are some of the top ways to take advantage of Prime Gaming benefits:

  • Subscribe to a related channel to network and get exposure. Cancel and switch each month.
  • Claim free games and content related to your business niche to bolster your expertise.
  • Use ad-free viewing to learn from competitors and partners.
  • Leverage exclusive emotes/badges to improve branding in chats.
  • Give away games or content as part of giveaways and contests.

Regularly explore new Prime Gaming offerings for creative ways to integrate perks into your marketing and community engagement.

Pros of Linking for Small Businesses

Here are some of the top advantages of linking Amazon Prime and Twitch for your small business:

  • Branding perks like emotes and badges help strengthen identity.
  • Ad-free viewing allows uninterrupted research on trends and competitors.
  • Free monthly subscriptions provide a chance to network with similar streamers in your niche.
  • Giveaways are an engaging way to attract new followers by gifting games or in-game content.
  • Lead generation by claiming relevant games and content that appeal to your target audience.

Investing time into unlocking Prime Gaming tools can pay off by turning Twitch into a valuable marketing asset for your small business.

Step Up Your Twitch Marketing in 2024

Linking your Amazon Prime account takes just minutes but unlocks a suite of perks that can level up your marketing efforts on Twitch.

With over 30 million daily visitors, Twitch offers immense exposure potential. By activating Prime Gaming through linking accounts, small businesses gain valuable brand building and lead gen benefits – saving money too.

Connect your accounts today and develop creative strategies to leverage your new Prime Gaming perks on Twitch in 2024.