How to Leave Great Feedback on eBay in 2023

Leaving thoughtful eBay feedback isn‘t just a nice gesture—it‘s a crucial part of marketplace transactions. As an ecommerce entrepreneur well-versed in reputation management, I‘m going to walk you through exactly why feedback matters, and how to leave comments that build trust and help the community.

Why Leaving eBay Feedback Matters

There‘s good reason eBay has continued the legacy feedback system; it increases buyer confidence and gives sellers insights to improve.

In fact, 93% of buyers report feedback ratings make them more comfortable purchasing from a seller. On average, listings with seller ratings see 32% more bids than those without any ratings or reviews.

As such, accurately documenting your experiences continues being pivotal:

For Buyers

eBay’s 100+ million active buyers rely on feedback scores to gauge seller service, quality, and reliability. Before purchasing that refurbished laptop or rare collectible, most look through what others report.

As buyers leave constructive reviews, it informs the broader marketplace.

For Sellers

Sellers aim for quality feedback and high scores to showcase trustworthiness. One study found sellers with the Top Rated designation see up to 20% more in sales vs standard merchants.

Beyond revenues, constructive feedback helps sellers bolster operations. maybe packaging needs improvement, you ship incorrect items occasionally, or customers want more photos. Whatever trends appear in commentary signals areas needing attention.

The bottom line—the system guides others’ decisions and provides insights to excel on both ends. Now let’s get into actually leaving thoughtful eBay feedback.

How to Leave Feedback as a Buyer

As a buyer, you can rate transactions:


You received the item as described. The purchase and delivery met expectations.


There were minor issues, but nothing major enough to leave negative ratings.


You did not receive the item as listed. There were major defects or issues with seller conduct.

To submit, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into your eBay account and locate Purchase History
  2. Click the order you wish to review
  3. Select Leave Feedback
  4. Choose positive, neutral or negative rating
  5. In the comment box, concisely explain your experience
  6. Click Leave Feedback to publish


Title: Fast shipping, item as described!

Rating: Positive

Comment: The seller shipped this textbook out quickly. It arrived in excellent condition and matches the description. Smooth transaction overall!

How Sellers Can Leave Feedback on eBay

As a merchant, leaving positive buyer ratings maintains a quality relationship. Follow these steps:

  1. Under Seller Hub, click Sold
  2. Locate the order and select Leave Feedback
  3. Choose the positive rating option
  4. In comments, note things like fast payment, ease of communication, etc.
  5. Click Leave Feedback to submit


Title: Great buyer!

Rating: Positive

Comment: Payment was fast. Happy this textbook is going to a good home 🙂

Keep in mind seller feedback is permanent, so proofread before posting.

Handling Product Issues and Negative Reviews

Despite best intentions, sometimes transactions get tricky.

If a buyer receives a damaged or inaccurate item, I recommend refunding immediately and asking they revise initial negative feedback. Handling problems willingly prevents exacerbation.

Most buyers act reasonably if shown good faith customer service. I once accidentally sent a Japanese textbook instead of one in English. Although irritated, the buyer updated his 1-star rating after I paid return shipping and sent the correct version.

Best Practices for Constructive Feedback

Drawing on my background resolving seller-side disputes, here are tips:

  • Remain objective – Don’t take feedback personally or make assumptions. Calmly solve issues.
  • Emphasize clarity & civility – Clearly communicate problems without accusations.
  • Suggest improvements – Instead of venting frustrations, offer constructive advice so sellers can get better.
  • Praise good behavior – Positive feedback for those upholding their end encourages more of the same.
  • Proofread carefully – Double check commentary before publishing.

The eBay community works best when members uplift one another. Feedback should motivate, not punish.

In Closing

I hope this guide brought more insight into leaving helpful eBay feedback. Remember—your ratings guide fellow users. Objective, polite, and constructive commentary keeps commerce flowing smoothly.

What other eBay tips would you like to know as a buyer or seller? I’m happy to share more ecommerce insights. Just let me know!