How to Leave Reviews on Etsy: The Ultimate Guide for Buyers and Sellers

Reviews are the lifeblood of the Etsy marketplace. For buyers, they build trust and provide key information to make informed purchasing decisions. For sellers, they offer valuable feedback to improve products and service. Reviews benefit both individuals and the community overall. This comprehensive guide will equip you to craft thoughtful Etsy reviews and leverage them for success.

Why Reviews Matter on Etsy

Well-written Etsy reviews have a powerful impact for buyers and sellers alike:

For Buyers:

  • Reduce risk – Reviews help assess the trustworthiness and quality of a shop before you buy. Seeing consistent positive feedback builds confidence in the purchase.
  • Manage expectations – Specific details in reviews allow you to determine if the product will meet your needs before ordering.
  • Find top shops – Etsy‘s search algorithm surfaces highly-rated shops first, so reviews help discover great items.
  • Save money – The time invested in reading reviews protects you from wasting money on poor purchases.

For Sellers:

  • Increase sales – According to Etsy, shops with at least 5 reviews see a 105% increase in orders compared to no reviews.
  • Improve products & services – Constructive feedback allows you to adjust product designs, policies, descriptions, etc. to better please customers.
  • Gain repeat business – Satisfied customers who leave positive reviews are much more likely to purchase from you again.
  • Boost search ranking – Etsy ranks top-reviewed shops higher in search results, driving more traffic.
  • Build credibility – Consistent positive reviews establish you as a trusted, reputable seller in a competitive market.

For Etsy Marketplace:

  • Foster a sense of community – Reviews create open communication between real people engaging in transactions.
  • Develop trust in handmade – Reviews help overcome the perceived risk of buying handmade, personalized, and vintage items sight-unseen.
  • Encourage commerce – By establishing credibility and confidence, reviews facilitate growth of sales across all of Etsy.

When Review Windows Open and Close

Etsy has a defined review policy to ensure timely, relevant feedback from confirmed customers:

  • Open – The review window opens once the seller marks the order as shipped.
  • Close – You have 100 days from the delivery date to leave a review. The window extends if shipments are delayed.
  • One review per order – Each transaction can only receive one review to reflect the entire experience.
  • Verification required – Only users who purchased the order can leave feedback; no anonymous reviews.
  • Edits allowed – Reviews can be edited within the open 100-day window, with a few exceptions outlined below.
  • Removal – Reviews can be retracted upon request to Etsy Support in special cases.

How to Leave High-Quality Etsy Reviews

Follow these best practices when crafting your Etsy reviews to make them as helpful as possible:

Be Thorough and Honest

  • Evaluate all aspects of your experience – product quality, shipping, service, communication, packaging, etc. Provide specific details.
  • Remain objective and stick to facts. Avoid emotional language or exaggeration.
  • Give both praise and constructive criticism so future buyers understand pros and cons.

Focus on Details

  • Explain exactly what you liked or thought could be improved to provide useful insight.
  • Be as specific as possible – for example, note packaging protected the item or the color differed slightly from the photo.
  • Include measurements, material descriptions, comparisons, duration, quantities – anything factual that adds helpful context.

Post Pictures

  • Include images of the actual product you received, packaging, defects, wear and tear, etc. They give visual information.
  • Photos help future buyers know what to really expect when ordering the item.
  • Ensure good lighting and crop tightly around the product for most useful shots.

Put Negative Feedback Tactfully

  • Criticism is most constructive when delivered politely. Avoid highly emotional language.
  • Phrase negatives as suggestions for improvement or opportunities rather than just faults.
  • Assume positive intent and that the seller wants to address any issues. Give them that chance.

Review Etiquette for Etsy Sellers

Sellers should follow these best practices when responding to reviews:

  • Thank each reviewer, regardless of the rating. Appreciate their time and feedback.
  • For less than 5-star reviews, apologize for any disappointment and offer to correct problems.
  • Remain professional and constructive. Do not argue or become defensive even if you feel unfairly criticized.
  • If necessary, clarify any factual inaccuracies politely but do not dispute subjective opinions.
  • For positive reviews, express gratitude and highlight what you‘re glad they enjoyed. Offer a coupon for repeat business.
  • Respond promptly to show customers you really value their input and participation in your shop‘s success.

Common Etsy Review Questions

Can I edit or remove an Etsy review? You can edit the text within 100 days but cannot alter star ratings below 3 stars once the seller has responded. You can request removal via Etsy Support.

When will the seller see my review? Sellers are notified immediately when you leave feedback and can respond right away.

Can I leave a review as an Etsy guest? No, you must have an account associated with the order to leave authenticated feedback.

How many reviews should my Etsy shop have? There is no definitive number, but aim for at least 10 quality reviews, and 100 or more over time, for optimal standing.

In Summary

Reviews greatly enhance the Etsy shopping experience when approached thoughtfully. Craft detailed, honest reviews considering both sides. Sellers should thank all reviewers and seek to resolve any issues professionally. By following these best practices, your reviews can help build a thriving handmade marketplace.