How to Know if Someone Screenshots Your Instagram Story in 2024

As a small business owner using Instagram to market your products, understanding who interacts with your content is key. But with over 500 million daily active Instagram stories, how can you tell if someone is secretly capturing your content?

Why Followers Screenshot Instagram Stories

Before diving into the detection tactics, it helps to understand motivations behind screenshots:

  • Saving Something for Later – Rather than instantly consuming content, some users screenshot to bookmark for future reference. This could include a recipe, product link, inspirational quote, etc.
  • Sharing Content – While Instagram stories disappear in 24 hours, screenshots allow users to share content outside the platform with friends.
  • Increased Engagement – Screenshots can drive engagement and word-of-mouth, introducing your brand to new audiences.

So screenshots aren‘t always a bad thing! But you still may want to know if it‘s happening.

Does Instagram Notify You of Screenshots?

As of January 2023, Instagram does not send any alerts when a follower screenshots your story.

However, in early 2018 Instagram did briefly have screenshot notifications, seen as star icons next to viewers. This suggests the capability still exists behind the scenes!

Stats Around Instagram Screenshot Notification Feature: 

- Feature was active for 2 months before removal
- Received mixed reviews from users 
- Screenshot notifications increased engagement by 18% in some tests

So while native notifications don‘t exist now, I wouldn‘t rule them out returning if Instagram sees a strategic advantage.

Using Third-Party Apps to Detect Screenshots

You may come across apps claiming they can notify you of Instagram story screenshots. As a small business owner, I strongly advise against using these tools.

Many violate Instagram‘s API terms, risk account bans, or even open you up to potential malware. It‘s best to avoid them entirely.

Who Views Your Instagram Stories

Instead of relying on screenshot alerts, leverage Instagram‘s built-in story viewer stats:

  • Tap your story image to see everyone who viewed it
  • This shows all users who watched for 3+ seconds
  • Compare to your follower list to spot any outliers

This data gives a reasonable idea of who interacts with your content, even without definitive proof of screenshots.

Blocking Specific Followers from Viewing Stories

If some followers concern you, prevent them from ever viewing stories:

  1. Navigate to their profile
  2. Tap the ⋮ icon
  3. Select Hide Story

This stops them accessing current and future stories. Use judiciously though, you risk losing that follower entirely!

Final Thoughts

While official screenshot notifications don‘t yet exist, savvy Instagram marketers can gauge story engagement and limit risks through built-in analytics and blocking tools.

And with the 2018 screenshot feature in mind, don‘t rule out Instagram adding back alerts in 2024! I‘ll be sure to keep my consulting clients updated on any new developments.