The Complete Guide to Hiding Hashtags on Instagram for Small Business Owners

Instagram has become an essential marketing channel for entrepreneurs and small business owners. And within Instagram marketing, hashtags are key for expanding your reach and getting content seen. But excessive visible hashtags can appear messy, deterring audience engagement. This comprehensive guide will teach you how to hide Instagram hashtags for a cleaner, more professional profile—without losing out on the benefits they provide.

Why Hiding Your Instagram Hashtags Matters

As a small business owner trying to connect with clients and sell products on Instagram, you need to maximize your content‘s visibility. Hashtags are the top way users find posts and accounts to follow on the platform. Over 500 million Instagram posts are hashtagged every day.

But visible hashtags crowding your captions can have downsides:

  • They draw attention away from your product photos, videos, etc that should be front and center
  • Too many hashtags look messy and amateurish, deterring follows/engagement
  • Visible hashtags discourage potential customers from reading your detailed captions

The Solution? Hiding Your Hashtags

Hidden hashtags give you the search optimization benefits without the messy look. You get:

  • A cleaner, sleeker Instagram profile that entices visitors
  • No distraction from your shoppable product imagery
  • Space to add MORE relevant hashtags – over 30 hidden hashtags are allowed per post

The simple trick for hiding hashtags requires barely any effort while leveling up your small business Instagram.

Step-By-Step: How to Hide Hashtags on Instagram

Hiding an unlimited number of hashtags only takes a minute. Follow along with these simple instructions:

Step 1: Draft Your List of Hashtags

Open the Notes app on your phone and draft a list of relevant niche hashtags people would search to find content like yours.

For example, a boutique selling boho jewelry might use hidden hashtags like:


Get specific to reach the most interested users possible!

Step 2: Paste Them in Your Caption as Usual

Write your Instagram caption as normal, then paste your list of hashtags at the end just like you usually would.

Top tip: Break up hashtag lists into a few sentences or phrases so it doesn‘t look obviously copied/pasted.

Step 3: Delete the Visible Hashtags

Delete the pasted hashtag list, leaving no visible tags in your caption or comment.

Step 4: Hide Your Hashtags in a Comment

Tap the comment bar below your post. Paste the entire hashtag list from Step 1 and post it as the first comment.

The tags will still function to optimize your content searchability. But now they’re hidden from your followers‘ view for a distraction-free, aesthetically pleasing Instagram profile.

Maximizing Your Hidden Hashtag Strategy

You can use up to 30 hashtags in your hidden comment to maximize reach potential without overcrowding your caption. But which tags should you include?

Choose Specific and Popular Tags

Get a mix of super specific and niche-relevant tags along with a few popular tags in the millions. This balances targeted visibility and mass general visibility.

Refresh and Test New Tags

Instagram trends change constantly. Track your hashtag performance in app insights or using a tracker like HypeAuditor. Replace low-performing tags with fresh, trending topic hashtags.

Use The Same Tags Consistently

Repetition helps Instagram’s algorithm associate hashtags closely with your brand across posts. But you can swap a few secondary tags per post to keep reaching new users.

Additional Hidden Hashtag Tips For Small Business Owners

  • Reply to your hidden hashtag comment so it stays pinned as the top comment. This keeps your other meaningful post engagement at the top for added visibility and trust signals.
  • Check what hashtags competitors use that also work for your business. Their top posts indicate winning hashtags for reaching niche audiences interested in your industry/products too.
  • Use a mix of hard numbers and real words. For example, #5bestmarketingtips and #fivebestmarketingtips. The platform interpretes numbers and words differently, expanding possible search variations.

Do you have additional questions on how to effectively hide hashtags as a small business owner? Share them below!