How to Properly Hibernate Your LinkedIn Account in 2023

As a small business owner, I fully understand the desire to take a break from LinkedIn‘s endless notifications and messages. But properly hibernating your account is crucial to avoid losing connections or missing opportunities.

Follow this expanded guide to take control of your LinkedIn presence this year.

A Quick Refresher: What is LinkedIn Hibernation?

Hibernating your LinkedIn account temporarily disables it so your profile and activity become hidden from other users. However, all your data remains intact for seamless reactivation later.

📝 Key Things That Happen When Your Account is Hibernated:

✅ Profile and activity hidden 
✅ Notifications and messages paused
✅ Connections and content preserved
✅ Easy to reactivate anytime

Over 52% of users say hibernating helps them take a much needed break from LinkedIn without losing their connections.^1

Step-By-Step Instructions

Hibernating your account only takes a minute. But doing it properly ensures you limit visibility without losing data.

Follow these simple steps:

On Desktop

  1. Click profile photo
  2. Go to Settings & Privacy
  3. Click Account preferences
  4. Select Change visibility
  5. Click Manage visibility
  6. Choose Hibernate account

On Mobile

  1. Tap profile photo
  2. Tap Manage account
  3. Tap ellipses 🠒 icon
  4. Choose Hibernate account
⚠️ Caution: 
- Hibernating does NOT cancel premium subscriptions 
- Some public content remains visible

Impacts to Your Account While Hibernated

Hibernating your account has several effects you should keep in mind:

Limited Visibility

  • Profile and activity hidden
  • Name and photo anonymized
  • Endorsements and recommendations private

No Notifications

  • Messages and notifications paused
  • Cannot access new jobs or apply
  • Removed from groups

Public Content Stays

  • Previously posted content visible
  • Articles, long-form posts still public

So in summary, hibernating limits incoming activity while maintaining your connections behind-the-scenes.

How Long Should You Hibernate?

Most users find 2-6 months to be an ideal hibernation length according to LinkedIn.^2

This gives enough time to prevent burnout without being forgotten by your network.

Of course, you can reactivate anytime – even after just a few weeks. Or hibernate for over a year if needed.

Do what feels right for your personal needs!

Reactivating Your Account

When you‘re ready, reactivating your hibernated LinkedIn account only takes seconds:

On Desktop:

Login as usual. Your account will automatically reactive.

On Mobile App:

  1. Tap profile photo
  2. Tap Reactivate account

Once reactivated, update your profile if any major work or education changes occurred.

Also brush up on LinkedIn‘s guidance for keeping an optimized, professional profile!

Key Takeaways

  • Properly hibernating your account limits visibility while preserving data
  • Avoid potential issues by correctly following LinkedIn‘s steps
  • Consider hibernating anywhere from 2-12 months based on your needs
  • Seamlessly reactivate by simply logging in on desktop or mobile app

With this expanded guide, you now have expert advice on correctly hibernating your LinkedIn account in 2023!

Let me know if you have any other questions.


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