How Entrepreneurs Can Use Snapchat‘s Half Swipe Feature

As a startup founder, I rely on Snapchat daily to connect with my audience and promote my business. Snapchat has over 300 million daily active users – many of whom represent valuable demographics like Gen Z.

But running a business means I don‘t always have time to respond to every Snap right away. That‘s where Snapchat‘s "half swipe" comes in handy.

Here‘s my entrepreneur‘s guide to mastering the Snapchat half swipe feature:

What Half Swiping Lets You Do

When you get a new Snapchat notification, half swiping lets you preview that message without marking it as "read." You quietly peek at the Snap to prioritize business messages before responding.

Diagram showing how to half swipe on Snapchat

As you can see above, half swiping involves tapping and holding the sender‘s icon, then dragging right to reveal the Snap underneath.

Half swiping maintains an aura of exclusivity and mystery. People feel special when you eventually respond to their message thoughtfully, not instantly.

The Entrepreneur‘s Balancing Act

As an entrepreneur, I aim to seem interested in connecting with my audience but not overly available.

  • Data shows 80% of 18-24 year olds and 75% of 25-34 year olds use Snapchat daily. This makes Snapchat a crucial platform for entrepreneurs targeting younger demographics.
  • However, immediately opening every Snap can negatively impact your branding. It implies you‘re waiting around for any communication.

Judiciously leveraging features like half swiping helps entrepreneurs showcase availability on their own terms. You control the narrative.

Prioritizing Business Messages

My startup sells digital products targeted at Gen Z consumers. When I receive Snaps related to my business, I make those a priority:

Preview of a business inquiry Snap
Business snapshot example

As you can see above, I received a Snap from a potential collaborator. After half swiping to preview this, I can choose to open our chat right away since it‘s business-critical.

Meanwhile, other non-time-sensitive Snaps can wait if I‘m focused on a deadline.

Tips From a Founder Who Lives on Snapchat

Here are my top tips for entrepreneurs using Snapchat‘s half swipe:

  • Don‘t overdo it – Periodically respond thoughtfully even if you already half swiped. This builds rapport.
  • Remember your goals – Let your business objectives guide which Snaps you prioritize opening first.
  • Add visuals – Share fun videos and photos that align with your brand personality. Snapchat is visual content first!

I hope this mini-guide helps fellow entrepreneurs balance business and life on one of Gen Z‘s favorite apps. Have fun with Snapchat while presenting your best personal brand!