Get Paid to Type: 31 Doable Ways to Make up to $60/hour


This guide will open your eyes to the immense income potential of your typing abilities in 2024. With the exponential growth of the digital economy, skilled typists can now earn life-changing sums from the comfort of home.

I would know – as a typing speed fanatic, I went from minimum wage data entry to running a six-figure typing empire on Fiverr and Upwork in just 3 years.

Whether you want to pay some bills or take that dream vacation, your typing skills contain great financial promise. By matching your interests to the booming remote work niches below, you too can endlessly profit from mastering the keyboard.

Let‘s delve into the 31 most lucrative ways for rapid typists to make $20-$60 per hour in 2024, with insider tips to maximize your success.

1. Transcriptionist – $20 to $60 per hour

Skills Required: Fast typing, great listening ability, grammar mastery

Best Platforms: Rev, GoTranscript, Scribie, TranscribeMe

Top Paying Niches: Legal, medical, research, subtitling

Earning Potential: $150k+ per year

By transcribing audio and video files for individuals and companies, accurate typists can earn over $1 per minute of audio. Legal and medical transcription require advanced training but pay over $60 per hour. Tech-savvy typists can also profit from automatic transcription software.

2. Data Entry Specialist – $15 to $25 per hour

Skills Required: Fast typing, data accuracy, attention to detail

Best Platforms: Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Flexjobs

Top Paying Niches: Insurance, real estate, online sales

Earning Potential: $50k per year

Data entry may seem basic, but specialized fields like insurance claim processing and inventory management pay over $20 per hour. Develop expertise in an industry to access the highest paying gigs. Cybersecurity and confidentiality skills also enable higher rates.

3. Virtual Assistant – $20 to $50 per hour

Skills Required: Fast typing, organizational skills, communication ability

Best Platforms Upwork, Fiverr, VirtualStaffFinder, Belay

Top Paying Niches: Executive assistant, email and calendar management, travel planning

Earning Potential: $100k+ per year

With superb typing abilities and client service skills, virtual assistants can earn over $50 per hour managing execs‘ inboxes and schedules. Nurturing long-term client relationships leads to salary packages of $80k+. Strong communication and emotional intelligence are vital.

4. Copywriter – $35 to $100 per hour

Skills Required: Excellent typing ability, creativity, salesmanship

Best Platforms: Contently, Copify, Scripted, MediaBistro

Top Paying Niches: Finance, technology, healthcare

Earning Potential: $300k+ per year

While good copywriters charge $50-75 per 500 words, expert financial and legal copywriters can earn over $100 per hour on top platforms. Build a portfolio specializing in an industry offering high-value services. Sky‘s the limit for rapid, creative typists.

5. Captions Writer – $30 to $50 per hour

Skills Required: Fast typing, perfect grammar and spelling, attention to detail

Best Platforms: Rev, 3PlayMedia, CaptionAccess, Speechpad

Top Paying Niches: Legal and medical captions, subtitling

Earning Potential: $150k per year

Captioners adept at quickly comprehending and summarizing spoken words into text can earn over $1 per video minute. Technical and foreign language video captioning skills enables even higher pay of $50+ per hour. Meticulous typists thrive in this niche.

6. Resume Writer – $30 to $50 per hour

Skills Required: Excellent typing skills, mastery of resume best practices, sales ability

Best Platforms: Let‘s Eat Grandma, Great Resumes Fast, TopResume, ZipJob

Top Paying Niches: Executive resumes, IT and engineering resumes

Earning Potential: $150k+ per year

Specialized resume writers catering to senior executives and technical experts can earn over $250 per document. Combine typing mastery with visually-appealing design skills to charge premium rates. Deep industry expertise also boosts income potential.

7. Grant Writer – $30 to $100 per hour

Skills Required: Exceptional typing abilities, research skills, storytelling ability

Best Platforms: GrantWatch, Grant Writers‘ Seminars, FoundationList

Top Paying Niches: STEM research, medical grants, arts and culture grants

Earning Potential: $250k+ per year

Expert grant writers adept at quickly researching and articulating persuasive funding proposals in niche fields can earn well over $100 per hour. Build authority by specializing in industries with abundant grant money like healthcare and technology.

8. SEO Specialist – $30 to $150 per hour

Skills Required: Fast typing ability, mastery of SEO best practices, analytical skills

Best Platforms: Upwork, Fiverr, Problogger, SEMrush

Top Paying Niches: Local SEO, e-commerce SEO, content optimization

Earning Potential: $300k+ per year

Expert search engine optimizers earn well over $100 per hour optimizing enterprise websites for maximum visibility and traffic. Develop specialized skills in ranking localized businesses or popular e-commerce platforms for big earnings.

9. Technical Writer – $30 to $80 per hour

Skills Required: Superb typing abilities, deep technical knowledge, simplified communication skills

Best Platforms: Tech Careers, Technical Writers Bureau, Tech Writers Hub

Top Paying Niches: Blockchain, cybersecurity, software documentation

Earning Potential: $200k+ per year

Technical writers produce instruction manuals, user guides and knowledge base articles to teach software applications and complex processes. Develop niche expertise in booming fields like fintech or data science to access lucrative ghostwriting gigs.

10. Email Responder – $30 per hour

Skills Required: Exceptional typing ability, stellar written communication skills, time management expertise

Best Platforms: Top Responder, Ruby Receptionists, Moneypenny

Top Paying Niches: Lead nurturing, complaint management, email newsletters

Earning Potential: $100k+ per year

Email responders adept at personalized, detailed answers earn $30-50 per hour managing corporate inboxes. Building credibility in an industry like IT support or healthcare policy enables higher incomes from warm outbound outreach.

Optimization Tips

Follow these 11 insider tips to exponentially boost your typing income:

  1. Hyper-specialize in an in-demand, lucrative niche to raise rates
  2. Obsess over metrics like accuracy, speed and client satisfaction
  3. Master productivity tools like TextExpander and Grammarly
  4. Religiously track income goals with typing metrics
  5. Constantly expand your knowledge through courses and communities
  6. Build a rock-solid portfolio flaunting your achievements
  7. Ruthlessly prioritize 5-star reviews to strengthen credibility
  8. Schedule abundant focus time for uninterrupted productivity
  9. Save snippets and templates to speed up recurring tasks
  10. Never stop refining your craft through daily practice
  11. Have an entrepreneurial, innovative mindset to spot new opportunities

Final Thoughts

The digital economy contains endless potential for talented typists to generate remarkable income streams from home. Whether you want to pay some bills or build a world-class typing empire, implementing the tips in this guide will expand your earning abilities beyond your wildest dreams.

I urge you to start taking action today. Master these high-income strategies, tackle the learning curve, consistently track your typing metrics, and immerse yourself in knowledge communities. With focus and perseverance, your typing talents can unlock the lifestyle you deserve.

The financial freedom you‘ve been seeking is closer than you think. Unleash the immense power at your fingertips and start profiting from your typing genius right now!