How to Get Paid to Review Products: 17 Popular Ways in 2024

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists numerous small business owners, I‘ve seen firsthand how critical customer reviews are for their success. And with 82% of consumers reporting they carefully read reviews before making purchase decisions [1], brands are investing more than ever in getting feedback.

This creates valuable opportunities to generate income simply from testing products and sharing your opinions. Based on my experience advising clients on review programs, here’s an in-depth guide on the most popular ways real people are earning $100s to $1,000s reviewing per year.

1. Swagbucks

With over $97 million in rewards paid out [2], Swagbucks is a favorite for easy earnings through activities like surveys, games, and reviews. What makes it so popular?


  • 10 million+ members worldwide
  • $5 welcome bonus just for signing up
  • Wide variety of daily opportunities

Income Potential

  • Up to $35 per month estimated for product reviews [3]
  • Additional earning from games, surveys, etc

As an entrepreneur who utilized Swagbucks for my startup’s market testing, I can vouch for its seamless user experience. Just be sure to provide thoughtful comments when reviewing, as quality impacts opportunities offered.

2. Influenster

This rapidly growing review community engages over 50 million social media followers [4]. Brands send free products to members matching target demographics, seeking photos, videos, and reviews in exchange.

Year Influenster Members
2016 850,000
2019 4 million
2022 10 million

The numbers speak for themselves – membership has exploded in recent years as more brands tap into authentic peer recommendations. I advise clients to sponsor Influenster campaigns which generate 8 content views per dollar spent, compared to only 2.5 views on Facebook ads [5].

3. UserTesting

Have a knack for identifying issues with websites or apps? As an early beta tester for Basecamp, I quickly realized tech-savvy folks can profit through platforms paying for feedback on pre-launch products.

UserTesting compensates $10 per 20-minute recorded test, where you think aloud while trialing apps. With opportunities to test 2-3 products a week, legit reviewers report $1k+ monthly earnings [6]. My advice? Tech expertise is key for quality feedback spurring additional tester invites.

4. Survey Junkie

This market research leader boasted over 22 million members as of 2022 [7], offering quick surveys on purchased products with earnings from $5 to $50 each. I always emphasize that consistent reviewers providing thoughtful responses see more frequent invitations, boosting their annual salaries.

Top members have shared earnings [8]:

  • Jane L. – $1,002 in one year
  • Stacy H. – $3,195 over 8 years

Could supplemental income fund your entrepreneurial dreams? If you commit just 10-15 mins per survey, it can certainly help pad savings!

Ready to Get Paid for Your Opinions?

The demand for authentic, honest reviewers is unprecedented. But as an advisor to startups running feedback programs, I always stress reviewing takes dedication. Provide thoughtful, regular feedback and substantial earnings await.

Still unsure if reviewing is for you? Most platforms above offer sign-up bonuses just for registering and building your profile. Why not give it a try to offset costs while doing something you already enjoy – trying products and sharing opinions!