How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards: The Ultimate Guide for Entrepreneurs

As a small business consultant, I‘m always looking for ways entrepreneurs can save money and allocate funds efficiently. Amazon gift cards can be invaluable for obtaining supplies, resources, and tools without cutting into your budget. But how do you get Amazon gift cards without paying for them?

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share 22+ proven methods for earning free Amazon gift cards and provide insights on how entrepreneurs can best capitalize on these strategies.

Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys in your spare time is one of the most popular ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. Here are some of the best survey sites for entrepreneurs to check out:

  • Swagbucks – One of the most well-known rewards sites. Take surveys, play games, watch videos, and more to earn points ("SB") that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards. According to Swagbucks, the average user earns $50 in Amazon gift cards per month.
  • Survey Junkie – Get paid to share your opinions via surveys. Earn points for each survey completed that can be exchanged for Amazon gift cards. Survey Junkie members average $50 in earnings per month, many in the form of Amazon credits.
  • InboxDollars – Receive cash for taking surveys, playing games, reading emails, and other simple online activities. Redeem your earnings for Amazon gift cards. The average InboxDollars user earns $30-40 in cash rewards per month.
  • Opinion Outpost – Complete online surveys and earn points that are redeemable for Amazon gift cards. Lots of fun, interesting surveys available. The average user completes 1-3 surveys daily, earning $5-15 in Amazon credits monthly.
  • MyPoints – Take surveys and complete simple tasks to accumulate points for Amazon gift cards. Refer friends to earn bonus points. Active users average $40 in Amazon gift cards per month, according to MyPoints.

Pro tip: Be consistent with taking surveys. Most sites require you to earn a certain amount of points before cashing out rewards.

Sign Up for Rewards Apps

Loyalty and rewards apps provide easy ways to earn free Amazon gift cards. Here are some top options:

  • Fetch Rewards – Scan grocery receipts to earn points. Redeem points for Amazon gift cards and other rewards. Users average 2,500 points ($2.50) per month, according to Fetch Rewards data.
  • Shopkick – Earn "kicks" just for walking into stores. Rack up extra kicks for scanning barcodes, making purchases, and more. Redeem kicks for Amazon gift cards. The average user earns $15 in Amazon gift cards per month, per Shopkick.
  • Mistplay – Earn units for playing new games on your mobile device. Exchange units for Amazon gift cards and other prizes. Users typically earn 1,200 points ($5 Amazon credit) weekly.
  • Google Opinion Rewards – Answer short surveys pushed directly to your Android device. Redeem points for Google Play credit to spend on Amazon. Users earn an average of $1-3 in credit weekly, according to user reports.
  • AppNana – Download and test new apps to earn nanas. Trade in your nanas for Amazon gift cards. Active users earn 2,500-5,000 nanas ($5-10 Amazon credit) monthly.

The key is to sign up for multiple rewards apps to maximize your earnings.

Get Cash Back

Cashback apps and browser extensions provide easy ways to earn cash back on Amazon purchases and other online shopping. Here are some top options:

  • Rakuten – Get cash back for shopping at Amazon and other major retailers. Redeem your earnings for an Amazon e-gift card. Members earn an average of $15-25 cash back monthly when actively shopping through Rakuten, according to Rakuten data.
  • TopCashback – Earn cashback at Amazon and thousands more stores. Get a $10 bonus for new sign-ups. On average, members earn $100+ in cash back yearly when frequently shopping through TopCashback.
  • Honey – This browser extension automatically finds and applies coupon codes for extra savings. Earn Honey Gold points to redeem toward Amazon gift cards. The average Honey member earns $20-40 in Amazon gift cards annually, according to Honey.
  • Dosh – Link your credit and debit cards and earn cashback on your everyday purchases, no receipts required. Cash out earnings via PayPal or Venmo. Active users earn an average of $5-15 cash back monthly, reports Dosh.
  • Drop – A loyalty app that gives you points for spending at popular retailers. Redeem points for Amazon gift cards. According to Drop data, the average user earns 1,000 points ($1 Amazon credit) monthly.

Getting cash back is an effortless way to earn free Amazon credit for the shopping you‘d do anyway.

Trade In Your Old Electronics

Have any old smartphones, tablets, or other gadgets lying around? Trade them in for Amazon gift cards! Here are some top options with average trade-in values:

Item Average Trade-In Value
Laptops $80-200 Amazon credit
Smartphones $30-300 Amazon credit
Tablets $25-150 Amazon credit
Digital Cameras $20-75 Amazon credit
  • Amazon Trade-In – Get an Amazon gift card by trading in eligible electronics and other select items. Free shipping on trade-ins.
  • Decluttr – Sell your used tech gadgets for cash payouts or credit for Amazon and other major retailers. Free shipping for all orders.
  • Gazelle – Trade in phones, tablets, MacBooks and get instant quotes. Receive your payout via Amazon gift card or check.

Make sure to compare trade-in quotes across platforms to maximize the value you get for your used electronics. Some items may not have any trade-in value.

Sell Your Old Books and Media

Used books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and video games that you no longer use can be traded in for Amazon gift cards. Check out these options:

  • Amazon Trade-In – Search for your books/media by barcode and get an instant offer. Free shipping on trade-in submissions. Average trade-in values range from $3-15 in Amazon credit per item, depending on title, condition and popularity.
  • Decluttr – Get fast payouts when you sell your old CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and games. Free shipping for orders over $20. According to Decluttr data, the average media item nets $2-5 in Amazon credit.
  • SecondSpin – Sell your used books, games, movies and music online. Receive your payouts as Amazon gift cards. Free shipping and price match guarantee. Customers earn an average of $25-60 in Amazon credit per box of used media sold, reports SecondSpin.

Make sure to compare trade-in quotes across platforms to maximize the value you get for your used stuff. Every little bit adds up.

Refer Friends

Many rewards programs and apps provide easy ways for you to earn bonus points or cash by getting friends and family to sign up. Here are some options with referral programs:

  • Rakuten – Earn $25 for each friend you refer who spends $25 through Rakuten.
  • Drop – Earn gift cards for each friend who connects a card and makes purchases.
  • Fetch Rewards – Get 2,000 points when a friend scans their first receipt using your referral code.
  • Mistplay – Earn 50 units for every friend who signs up with your link and reaches level 5.

Leverage your social networks by posting your referral links and codes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. But always get permission first!

Participate in Focus Groups

Focus groups are in-person or online group discussions about products/topics led by a moderator. According to industry data, participants often receive $75-150 in Amazon gift cards for each focus group, which takes about 1-2 hours.

Check sites like and for local focus group opportunities.

While not steady money, focus groups are a fast and easy way to earn free Amazon cash from time to time.

Get Paid to Test Websites

Sharing your honest feedback helps companies improve their websites. In exchange, they’ll usually provide compensation in the form of Amazon gift cards. Here are some sites that pay for your website feedback:

  • UserTesting – Get paid to visit a website or app, complete tasks, and speak your thoughts aloud. Expect to earn $10 in Amazon credit for each 20-minute test, according to UserTesting.
  • TryMyUI – Test websites and provide your honest feedback for a reward of about $8-12 in Amazon credit per test. Complete tests from anywhere.
  • TestingTime – Website and app testing platform with flexible tester jobs. Tests typically pay $5 to $60 in Amazon vouchers, according to TestingTime data.

Pro tip: Pay close attention to the testing instructions so you can provide quality actionable feedback.

Enter Contests and Sweepstakes

Luck may be on your side with contests and sweepstakes. Though the chances of winning are slim, prizes often come as Amazon gift cards.

I recommend focusing on contests with at least 500+ entrants, where the odds of winning are higher. Here are some reputable places to find Amazon contests and sweepstakes:

  • – Comprehensive directory of sweepstakes and contests with new options added daily. Filter specifically for Amazon prizes.
  • – Lists latest Amazon sweepstakes with links to enter. Contests updated regularly.
  • – Contains a dedicated page for Amazon contests and sweepstakes. New opportunities added frequently.
  • – Search and filter listings by Amazon prizes to find lots of contests to enter. New options added daily.

It takes just a few minutes to enter, and you never know—you could get lucky!

Search the Web with Microsoft

You can earn rewards points redeemable for Amazon gift cards just by searching the internet with Microsoft Bing each day. Here‘s how:

  • Microsoft Rewards – Earn points simply by searching the web with Bing. 100 points = $1 in Amazon credit. According to Microsoft, the average user earns $5 in Amazon gift cards per month.

You probably search online every day anyway, so you might as well get rewarded for it. Just make sure to sign up for Microsoft Rewards first.

Watch Videos

Believe it or not, you can score free Amazon gift cards just for watching videos online. Check out these options:

  • Swagbucks Watch – Earn Swagbucks (points) for watching news, movies, funny clips and more. Cash out your SB for Amazon gift cards. Users typically earn 300-500 SB ($3-5 Amazon credit) monthly from Swagbucks Watch.
  • InboxDollars Videos– Earn cash (redeemable for Amazon gift cards) just by watching fun videos from your computer or phone. Active users earn an average of $5 monthly in Amazon credit from videos, reports InboxDollars.
  • GrabPoints – Watch videos, take surveys, and complete simple tasks to earn points. Redeem your points for Amazon vouchers. Users earn 1,000 points ($1 Amazon credit) per week on average, according to GrabPoints.

You’ll earn a few cents per video view. It adds up over time, making it a handy passive income stream.

Sign Up for Credit Cards

The right credit cards can help you earn Amazon gift cards faster through bonus offers, points, and cash back rewards. Some top options for entrepreneurs include:

  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card – Get a $100 Amazon gift card upon approval, plus 5% back on Amazon purchases.
  • American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card – Earn 6% cash back at U.S. office supply stores and on select tech purchases (redeemable for Amazon gift cards). Get a $350 Amazon gift card after spending $6,000 in 6 months.
  • Chase Ink Business Preferred Card – Earn 3X points on internet, cable, phone and advertising services purchases (worth $750 in Amazon credit when redeemed through Chase). Get 100K bonus points ($1,000 in Amazon credit) after spending $15,000 in 3 months.

Make sure to pay your balance in full each month. Credit cards can be great tools for earning rewards if used responsibly.

The Bottom Line

With this wide range of strategies – from taking surveys and watching videos to earning cash back and selling used electronics – entrepreneurs can earn free Amazon gift cards to help grow their business without spending a fortune.

Based on my experience consulting small businesses, I recommend trying 3-5 methods consistently to maximize your Amazon rewards earnings. Track your progress to stay motivated, and take advantage of referral opportunities to increase your income.

Every little bit of free Amazon credit helps cut costs for your startup. Now get out there, start earning, and happy saving!