How to Skyrocket Your Depop Followers in 2024

Gaining a strong following on Depop can transform a hobby seller into a viral business. But with over 30 million users, standing out is no easy task.

From consulting Depop power sellers who‘ve grown six figure followings, I‘ve learned the exact steps for follower growth in 2024. Continue reading this exclusive guide to learn how to master Depop‘s algorithm, create shareable content, and turn followers into lifelong customers.

Optimize Your Profile to Build Trust

According to Depop, shops with complete profiles gain 23% more sales. New visitors need context on who you are and what you offer.

Craft an welcoming intro in your bio. Share your shop name, what you specialize in, shipping details, and be sure to link other social media accounts so followers can better connect with your brand.

Depop Profile Example

Pro Tip: Upload a consistent profile picture so visitors recognize your brand at a glance.

Follow Others with Share Interests

You must give follower love to gain follower love.

Use Depop and Instagram hashtags related to your shop offerings to discover fellow sellers and buyers to follow. Engage with their content by liking and commenting.

There‘s a high chance that new followers will check out and follow your shop since you share similar interests. Over time this group will organically grow as your continue nurturing relationships in your niche.

Relevant Tags for a Vintage Tees Shop:


Pro Tip: Enlist a Depop bot to streamline the initial follow process so you can focus on quality engagement.

Post New Listings 4x Per Week

Depop‘s algorithm favors shops that…