How to Change Your Name on Facebook: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner, keeping your Facebook profile name up-to-date is critical for maintaining relationships with customers and partners. With over 85% of small business owners using Facebook, your name visibility can impact how easily people find and connect with you.

Whether you’ve gotten married, divorced, or legally changed your name, follow this simple step-by-step guide to update it on Facebook.

When You Should Change Your Facebook Name

  • After a legal name change
  • To correct typos or formatting issues
  • To add or remove middle names
  • To revert to your maiden name

Step 1: Access Your Facebook Settings

  • Click the down arrow in the top right and select “Settings”
  • On the left sidebar, click “Names”

Step 2: Edit Your Legal Name

  • Enter a first and last name that matches your legal ID
  • Use common characters from your native language
  • Don‘t include titles like Dr. or Sir

Step 3: Add Alternate Names

  • Input nicknames, maiden names, business names under "Other Names You‘re Known By"
  • Helps people find your profile despite name changes

Step 4: Review and Save Changes

  • Triple check accuracy and formatting
  • Click “Review Change” and re-enter password
  • Click “Save Changes”

When Edits Take Effect

  • Changes apply immediately after saving
  • Refresh profile to confirm new name displays

Key Rules to Remember

  • You can only change your Facebook name once every 60 days
  • Legal names must comply with Facebook‘s Authentic Name Policy

Over 32% of users update their profile name each year. With this simple guide, entrepreneurs can ensure their Facebook name aligns with their brand as it evolves.