How to Permanently Delete a Facebook Group in 2024

As a small business owner, you may have created a Facebook Group to engage with customers or coordinate with team members. Over time, you may find the group is no longer active or relevant. Deleting the group permanently clears up digital clutter and gives you one less thing to manage.

Whether you have 5 members or 500, this guide will walk you through everything involved in removing a Facebook Group you manage, from start to finish.

Before Deletion: What You Need to Know

When considering deleting your Group, be aware:

  • Deletion is permanent – the Group cannot be restored
  • All content will be erased, including:
    • Posts, comments, photos, docs
    • Member profiles and message history
  • You must remove all members before deleting
  • Members will be notified the Group was deleted

So before deletion, I advise Small Business owners to:

  • Download any important docs or data you want to retain
  • Notify members in advance to give them time to also save content
  • Remove members systematically – bulk removal risks overlooking people

According to Facebook, the average Group size is 150 members. Groups dedicated to small businesses and entrepreneurship report typical member counts of 50-300 members.

With advance planning, you can ensure no valuable discussions or member connections are unexpectedly erased.

Step-by-Step Guide to Deleting a Group

Once you‘ve prepared as recommended above, here is how to permanently delete your Facebook Group:

On Desktop

  1. Log into Facebook and click Groups in the left menu
  2. Select Groups You Manage
    • This shows all Groups you are admin for
  3. Hover over the Group you wish to delete and click the menu icon (⋮)
  4. Choose Delete Group
    • A confirmation popup will appear
  5. Click Delete to confirm

The Group will now be permanently deleted, along with all associated content.

On Mobile

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap the Menu icon (☰)
  2. Scroll and tap Groups
  3. For Groups You Manage, swipe left on the Group to delete
  4. Tap Delete > Permanently Delete
  5. Confirm deletion

The Group and all content will be permanently erased. Members will be notified of deletion.

Deleting yourself from a Group you manage will NOT remove the Group. You must systematically remove all members first, then delete the Group.

Alternative Options to Deletion

If your Group still holds value but needs a change, consider these options before deleting:

  • Archive the Group to pause activity but preserve content
  • Pass admin rights to another member to transfer management
  • Merge into another Group, if you‘re admin of both
  • Deactivate or hide the Group for a temporary break

For small business owners with existing Groups, assess if any of these alternatives may better meet your needs before choosing permanent deletion.

I hope this guide gives you a process to cleanly and effectively remove a Facebook Group you no longer need. As a small business consultant and Group admin myself, please reach out if you have any other questions!