How to Change Your Instagram Profile Picture in 2024

As a consultant dedicated to helping small and medium businesses strategically grow their brands on Instagram, I often advise clients to regularly update their profile photos. With over 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, your profile pic is valuable real estate for conveying your brand persona and making a strong first impression.

In 2023, standing out in the Instagram feed requires an eye-catching, on-brand profile photo tailored to today‘s aesthetic. The good news is, Instagram makes it easy to customize your photo on both mobile and desktop. In this post, I‘ll provide an in-depth walkthrough on optimizing your Instagram profile picture step-by-step.

Why Your Profile Photo Matters

Before we dive into the how-to, let‘s discuss why nailing your profile photo matters:

  • It‘s the first thing visitors notice when visiting your Instagram profile
  • Conveys your brand image and personality at a glance
  • Can boost profile clicks up to 200% when optimized well

Crafting an on-mission profile photo tailored to 2023 trends signals professionalism and helps convert visitors into engaged followers.

Step-by-Step: Changing Your Photo on Mobile

I always recommend updating Instagram brand photos on mobile first. Here are the detailed steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner
  2. Tap Edit Profile and select your current profile picture
  3. Choose Change Profile Picture
  4. Select a high-quality photo from your camera roll or take a new one directly within the Instagram app
  5. Adjust and scale the photo centering on your main focus
  6. Tap Done in the top right corner

Here‘s a quick 60-second video walkthrough:

When selecting a profile photo, ensure it:

✅ Highlights your branding or personal style
✅ Is well-lit and high quality
✅ Has your face/product clearly at the forefront

Step-by-Step: Changing Your Photo on Desktop

You can also change your Instagram profile picture by:

  1. Going to and logging into your account
  2. Clicking your profile picture in the top right
  3. Selecting Edit Profile
  4. Choosing Change Profile Picture
  5. Uploading a visually-engaging photo from your computer files
  6. Adjusting and centering the focus in frame
  7. Confirming changes with Done

While the mobile app tends to be easier for rapidly testing profile photo options, the desktop steps mirror the same simple process.

Experts Recommend Changing Profile Photos Regularly

As your brand evolves and new trends emerge, it pays to stay on top of refreshing your Instagram presence. But how often should you update it? My rule of thumb is:

  • Brand Profiles: Every 2-3 months
  • Personal Accounts: 1-2 times per year

Aim to strike a balance between consistency and keeping things fresh. I recommend maintaining your core visual branding while playing with creative backgrounds, poses, and visual effects.

Troubleshooting Issues With Changing Photos

When attempting to update Instagram profile pictures, users sometimes run into issues like the changes not appearing. From my technical experience, I recommend:

  • Confirming the app is updated to the latest iOS/Android version
  • Logging out and back in to Instagram app
  • Deleting and reinstalling the app
  • Trying both WiFi and cellular data connections

Working through these basic troubleshooting tips often resolves any glitches. Instagram also has 24/7 live support in case any problems persist.

I hope this detailed overview clarifying how to customize your Instagram profile photo in 2024 proves helpful. Please feel free chat me with any other questions on strategically growing your brand presence on Instagram this year!