How to Change Your Phone Number on Amazon: An Entrepreneur‘s Guide

As a small business owner selling products through Amazon, keeping your account phone number updated is crucial for providing excellent customer service and support. Read this comprehensive guide to smoothly change your phone number across all Amazon devices and notification settings.

Why Phone Number Updates Matter for Small E-Commerce Brands

Over 80% of Amazon Prime members opt into SMS notifications for shipping updates and order alerts. Outdated contact information means missing out on connecting with customers at critical times.

Beyond individual buyers, your phone number displays prominently when working with Amazon business support teams. Having accurate contact details ensures you receive vital account notices to prevent disruption of your sales.

As an entrepreneur relying on Amazon for e-commerce revenue, devote a few minutes today to update your phone number and guarantee continuous convenience.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Changing your phone number only takes a few clicks by following these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your Seller Central account on Amazon.
    • For the most seamless experience, use a laptop or desktop computer.
  2. Under "Account Info", select "Login & security".
  3. Locate your phone number under "Security Settings" and choose "Edit".
  4. Enter your new phone number, including country code.
    • Double check accuracy – an incorrect digit could cause update delays!
  5. Select your verification contact channel (SMS or email).
  6. Input the verification code sent by Amazon.
    • Check spam folders if code does not appear within 5 minutes.
  7. Review changes and select "Save".

Confirm your phone number has been successfully changed by:

  • Waiting 24 hours and checking for a verification text
  • Calling Amazon support and providing new number
  • Checking seller account notifications are delivered

Top Tip: Also update your phone number under Two-Step Verification settings for extra security.

Connected Amazon Devices

If you have Amazon Echo units or other Alexa-enabled devices linked to your selling account, take the extra step of updating your phone number there as well.

You can edit contact details under Alexa Privacy Settings on the Amazon website, or directly within Alexa app device management tools. Syncing this data keeps customer service consistency across all Amazon interaction channels.

Recommendations for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurship consultant dedicated to small e-commerce business success, I recommend these best practices related to account phone numbers:

  • Use a dedicated mobile line for your Amazon seller account rather than a personal device. This separates business and personal communications for improved organization.
  • Set up automatic SMS forwarding from old device numbers to retain text notifications if switching smartphone service.
  • Confirm notifications preferences are enabled to receive critical account alerts.
  • Grant account access to a co-admin or virtual assistant to manage notifications if traveling overseas.

In Closing

Keeping a current and accurate phone number associated with your Amazon seller account takes just minutes but is crucial for providing excellent service as a small e-commerce business. Use this guide as your entrepreneurship resource for smoothly updating contact details and guaranteeing continuous convenience across Amazon‘s customer experience.