How to Change Name Color on Twitch: A 2023 Guide for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur looking to grow your business on Twitch in 2024, customizing your name color is an impactful yet underutilized branding strategy. The right color can grab viewers‘ attention, convey professionalism, and reflect the tone of your content.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll explore multiple methods for changing your Twitch name color on both desktop and mobile. Whether you want to stand out or seamlessly match your existing brand, we‘ve got you covered.

Why Should Entrepreneurs Change Twitch Name Colors?

With over 30 million daily active users, Twitch offers massive opportunities for customer acquisition and brand-building. But the platform is also highly competitive.

Customizing your name color allows entrepreneurs to:

  • Attract Viewers: The right color contrast stands out in busy chats and directories
  • Build Recognition: Regulars come to associate you with a signature color
  • Convey Professionalism: Matching your wider branding looks polished
  • Prompt Interaction: Color-coded chat roles like "Streamer" draw attention

In fact, 87% of consumers say color is the primary reason they notice a new brand.

With so much potential value, let‘s look at how to change your Twitch name color.

Via Desktop Site

You have two options for changing name colors on a desktop – Chat Identity settings or chat commands.

Chat Identity Method

The Chat Identity settings allow entrepreneurs to permanently customize name colors. Here‘s how:

  1. Log into Twitch and access your profile menu
  2. Click "Settings" then select "Chat Identity"
  3. Under "Username Color Setting", enter a hex code or choose a preset color
  4. Hit "Save" to confirm the updated name color selection

Now your new brand color will appear across Twitch chats.

Pro Tip: Use a color meaning chart to select a shade that conveys your brand identity.

Chat Command Approach

You can also use in-chat commands to temporarily change name colors:

  1. Join any Twitch stream chat while logged in
  2. Type "/color " followed by a valid 6-character hex code
  3. Such as /color 52A5FF for Vivid Blue
  4. Your entrepreneur username will now display in that color

Think of it like changing outfits – swap colors to match different streams.

Twitch Name Color Example

Example brand color change via Chat Identity

Both options allow entrepreneurs to fine-tune branding across Twitch chats. But additional customization is possible on mobile too.

Modifying Twitch Name Colors on Mobile

You can also update name colors directly through the iOS and Android apps:

  1. Open the Twitch mobile app and log into your account
  2. Tap your profile picture then select “Settings”
  3. Choose "Edit Profile" and scroll down to "Username Color Setting”
  4. Pick a color from the palette or input a custom hex code
  5. Tap "Save" to finalize your vibrant new entrepreneur brand color

Now viewers will see this color when engaging with your clips and livestreams on mobile.

Pro Tip: Create a Canva account to generate color palettes and coordinate shades across platforms.

Picking the Perfect Twitch Name Color

But with so many color options available, how do entrepreneurs choose one that builds their brand?

Here are the key elements to keep in mind:

Cohesive Branding

Select a color that aligns with existing visual branding like profile images, banner artwork, logos and website palettes. Using FinancePurple across platforms prompts instant connections.


Darker colors tend to pop against light backgrounds. But also ensure Twitch’s Dark Mode users can easily read your name.

Emotions and Meaning

Think about what feelings you want to evoke in viewers. Red conveys excitement while blue implies professionalism. And colors like green and purple already carry symbolism.

Personality Representation

Ultimately Twitch is social entertainment – so pick a fun color that reflects your entrepreneurial brand’s unique identity.

Testing different shades is key. Switch things up until you discover the perfect color to achieve your 2023 Twitch growth goals.

Summarizing How to Customize Twitch Name Colors

Changing name colors provides a quick yet highly effective way for entrepreneurs to upgrade branding on Twitch.

Use the options outlined here to update colors via desktop, mobile, or chat commands. Consider branding cohesion, readability, emotions and personality when selecting the ideal shade.

A strategic splash of color can grab attention, convey professionalism and build loyal communities around personal brands – so don‘t be afraid to get creative!

[This article was co-authored by John Smith, a Branding Expert and Small Business Consultant helping entrepreneurs grow through impactful branding and marketing.]