How to Change Feedback on eBay: The Small Business Seller‘s Guide

As a small business owner who relies on eBay‘s platform to reach customers, providing and receiving honest, accurate feedback is critical for success. However, mistakes happen on both the buying and selling side. Thankfully, eBay offers sellers the ability to request feedback revisions under certain conditions.

In my 5 years as an eBay entrepreneur, I’ve changed feedback a number of times to better reflect issues that arose in transactions. Based on my experience, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide on revising eBay feedback effectively.

Why Feedback Matters for Small Businesses

For context, let‘s discuss why feedback is so important on eBay:

  • Builds Credibility: Consistently positive feedback signals to buyers that you’re a trusted, reputable seller. This leads to more sales.
  • Informs Purchase Decisions: 95% of shoppers read seller feedback before buying, according to eBay statistics. It heavily impacts conversion rates.
  • Rewards Good Performance: Great customer service and prompt shipping deserves positive feedback. This incentivizes best practices.
  • Improves Rankings: High ratings can bump your listings up in search results, increasing visibility.

So while the feedback system empowers buyers, sellers rely on it too. One unfair negative review can be damaging, especially when you‘re just starting out. This is why properly revising inaccurate feedback is vital.

When Is A Seller Allowed to Change eBay Feedback?

eBay has rules around feedback revision requests to protect buyer‘s voices. As a seller, keep these eBay policies in mind:

  • Buyer must consent to your revision request
  • Issues causing original negative ratings are fully resolved
  • Factual error in original feedback content

Conversely, sellers cannot request changes in these cases:

  • Wanting to remove a valid negative rating
  • In response to reasonable criticism or personal preference

Now that you know the guidelines, let‘s get into how to properly change eBay feedback as a seller.

Step-by-Step Guide to Revising eBay Feedback

Follow this 7 step process when you need to modify existing feedback:

1. Contact the Buyer

Message the buyer politely explaining what issues arose…