How to Change Email on Instagram: An In-Depth Guide for Entrepreneurs

As a consultant who assists small business owners in growing their Instagram presence, one of the most common issues I help clients troubleshoot is changing the email address linked to their Instagram account.

Why is it so critical for entrepreneurs to keep this information updated? Having an accurate, working email connected to your Instagram account is essential for maintaining ownership of it. According to Instagram‘s account recovery policies, the platform will send password reset information and other key notifications to that email inbox if your access is ever compromised.

Unfortunately, statistics show over 30% of Instagram users have found themselves locked out of their accounts due to losing access to their connected emails. As an entrepreneur trying to grow a brand on Instagram, getting locked out can severely damage your content momentum and relationship with your audience.

The good news? Updating your connected email address on Instagram is straightforward – if you understand the proper steps. In this comprehensive guide, I will leverage my specialized expertise assisting small business owners to walk through the process in detail for both mobile and desktop.

Key Reasons to Change Your Instagram Email

Before jumping into the step-by-step instructions, let‘s review the top reasons it‘s important for entrepreneurs and content creators to keep their connected Instagram email address updated:

Recovering Access to Locked Accounts

As I mentioned earlier, over 30% of Instagram users lose access to their accounts due to outdated email addresses. If your original email ever gets hacked, deactivated, or simply lost amid a sea of new inboxes, you could get locked out with no route back in.

Reflecting Brand Evolution

When starting out, many entrepreneurs connect throwaway or personal emails to Instagram. As your business matures, tying your branding email to Instagram reflects that professional evolution.

Enhancing Security

Diligent entrepreneurs should update passwords and connect mainstream inboxes rather than old or temporary emails they don’t monitor closely. Having security notifications sent to your most frequently used inbox allows you to act faster if suspicious activity is ever noticed.

Step-by-Step Guide: Mobile Account

Without further ado, let‘s get into the nitty gritty steps to change your connected email via Instagram‘s mobile app:

Step Action
1 Open the Instagram app and tap your profile icon
2 Tap the 3-line menu button and select "Settings"
3 Choose "Security" then "Email"
4 Enter your new email and select "Save"
5 Check inbox for confirmation code + enter
6 Log out and back in with new email

Common Mobile Roadblock: If already logged out, you may need to initiate a password reset to sync new email to your account. On the login screen, select "Get help signing in" then "Need more help?" Follow prompts to submit a request to connect new email to account.

Step-by-Step Guide: Desktop Account

Similarly, if you prefer managing your Instagram via desktop, follow these instructions:

Step Action
1 Navigate to and login
2 Click profile picture > "Profile"
3 Click "Edit Profile" in sidebar
4 Change email field to new address
5 Select "Submit" to save
6 Confirm via email link before re-logging in

Common Desktop Issue: If already logged out, initiate a password reset first and select "Email" under "Where should we contact you?" to sync your updated email before sending code.

Key Takeaways & Next Steps

With this comprehensive, step-by-step guidance, entrepreneurs and content creators should feel equipped to seamlessly update the email connected with their Instagram accounts. Keeping this information accurate and secure is a crucial best practice as your business‘s Instagram presence continues growing.

As you navigate this process – either on mobile or desktop – don‘t hesitate to drop any questions in the comments below. I‘m always happy to share additional tips and clarity based on my specialized experience in the industry.