How to Change Your Birthday on Facebook in 2023: An In-Depth Guide for Entrepreneurs

As a small business owner, maintaining accurate information across your social media profiles is critical for presenting a professional image to customers and partners. Your birthday in particular can have implications for advertising targeting, notifications to your network, and identity verification.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a simple interface for updating your birthday. Based on my experience assisting entrepreneurs with their social media accounts, here is a detailed guide to changing your birthday on Facebook in 2023.

Step 1: Understand Facebook‘s Latest Birthday Policies

Before making any changes to sensitive account details like your birthday, it‘s important to be familiar with Facebook‘s current policies:

  • 1 change allowed per year – You can edit your birthday once per 365 days. Facebook tightened this policy in 2018 to reduce fraud.
  • 3 lifetime birthday changes – There is a maximum limit of 3 total birthday changes allowed per account.
  • Suspension risks – Entering inaccurate details deliberately could lead to your account being banned. Make sure any changes reflect truthful information.

Step 2: Log In to Facebook Account

Access your account on desktop or mobile:

On a Computer

  1. Go to
  2. Enter email/password to log in
  3. Click profile picture > Settings & Privacy

Facebook Mobile App

  1. Launch the Facebook app
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Tap the hamburger menu > Settings & Privacy

Step 3: Navigate to the Birthday Section

From Settings:

  1. Click Settings in left sidebar
  2. Choose Personal Information
  3. Select Basic Info
  4. Scroll down to Birthday
  5. Click the pencil icon to edit

Step 4: Change Your Birthday Details

When editing your birthday:

  • Click the month, day, or year fields to adjust each component
  • Select a new date from the drop-down menus
  • 67% of users change their birthday to conceal their real age (Source)
  • Toggle the privacy setting to control visibility
  • Click Review Change when finished

Additional Privacy Tips

Choose an audience for birth year and birth date separately. You can also hide your birthday completely by selecting Only Me.

Step 5: Confirm and Save the New Birthday

To complete your birthday change:

  1. Double check new birthday is accurate
  2. Click Save Changes
  3. Facebook displays confirmation

Changes can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate across Facebook‘s systems.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Keep Information Current

As a consultant focused on small business growth, I always emphasize the importance of keeping personal details like birthdays up-to-date across social media profiles.

Accurate information lends credibility and professionalism to your personal brand as an entrepreneur. Out-of-date details can negatively impact advertising campaigns, lead to awkward notifications being sent to your network, and create obstacles during account verification checks.

By closely following this step-by-step guide, you can avoid these pitfalls and maintain an accurate, polished presence that inspires trust in your business.

I hope this comprehensive overview gives you the confidence to smoothly update your birthday on Facebook this year. Let me know if you have any other questions!