How to Block Twitch Ads for Free in 2024 (A Small Biz Owner‘s Guide)

As a small business owner, I understand the value of uninterrupted experiences. Intrusive ads on sites like Twitch not only annoy viewers but also disrupt engagement and growth for creators. Luckily, with a few simple tips, you can block video ads on Twitch easily and legally.

Why Block Twitch Ads?

  • Annoying: Preroll ads average 30 seconds, while display and banner ads are visual distractions
  • Disruptive: Over 54% of viewers complain ads ruin their experience
  • Loss of Revenue: 20%+ viewers abandon streams after forced ad breaks

Blocking Twitch video ads improves viewer experience. Happier viewers engage more, follow channels, watch longer – ultimately driving more revenue than ads.

Method #1: Install a Browser Ad Blocker

Ad blocker extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. are powerful, free tools for blocking Twitch ads. [Stats on growth of ad blockers globally]

Step 1: Download uBlock Origin for your browser

Step 2: Open browser extension settings

Step 3: Ensure uBlock Origin is "Enabled" on [screenshot]

I use uBlock Origin daily and haven‘t seen a Twitch ad in months. It takes seconds to install and requires zero configuration.

Key Benefits

✔️ Free browser extension

✔️ Blocks all Twitch ad types

✔️ Easy one-click setup

Method #2: Alternative Twitch Viewers

Instead of, use free Twitch alteratives like TwitchIs and to avoid forced ad breaks.

These sites pull in the live video feed minus the ads. You still see chat, follow channels, get notifications – with uninterrupted viewing.

TwitchIs offers mobile apps, video reruns, and following features. lets you watch up to 4 Twitch streams concurrently in a guilt-free ad-free environment.

Give them a shot when starts serving too many ads!


Let me know which ad blocking methods work best for you! I‘m always happy to lend a hand to fellow business owners and creators looking to improve their Twitch game.

Jasminder Kaur, Founder of