How to Announce a New Job on LinkedIn (Steps for 2023!)

Starting a new job is an exciting milestone. And as a LinkedIn power user with 500+ connections, I always leverage the platform to share career updates. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or corporate professional, read this comprehensive guide on best practices for announcing new jobs on LinkedIn.

Customize for Different Audiences

Don’t blast the same canned message to your entire network. Tailor details and tone for key audiences.

Managers & Colleagues

  • Thank them for their mentorship and support
  • Share specifics on projects or wins you contributed to
  • Reinforce you’re leaving on positive terms

Wider Network

  • Briefly explain why you took new role
  • Highlight transferable skills gained


  • Tie news to broader company growth plans
  • Outline how expanded network will support business

Write Announcements by Industry

Announcement relevance can vary across sectors. Here’s how to customize:


Showcase cutting-edge products or systems you’ll work on.


Articulate your passion for the mission and community impact.


Spotlight opportunities to educate and conduct research.

Boost Engagement with Multimedia

Enhance announcements using LinkedIn post features:

  • Images: Infographics on company growth, screenshot of offer letter
  • Video: Quick one on your background and new gig
  • Metrics: Share stats on company’s scale, user base, etc.

According to LinkedIn[1], posts with rich media see up to 45% more views and comments.

Reply to All Comments

Your network takes time to congratulate you. Take time to respond.

  • Thank them for the kind words
  • Answer any questions asked
  • Offer to connect them with colleagues

Replying builds relationships for the long-term.

Tie Into Your Brand Strategy

An announcement post lets you:

  • Showcase Achievements: Career growth reinforces you as an industry leader
  • Expand Visibility: Broadens awareness of your personal brand
  • Grow Network: Exposure to new connections via likes and shares

So anchor the news to your broader goals. This marking your upward trajectory as a thought leader!

[1] LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, 2022