How to Optimize Your Nest Thermostat for Your Small Business

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how crucial it is to promote productivity while also keeping costs down. An optimized Nest thermostat can help with both in your small business environment. From my experience helping clients configure their smart thermostats, I‘ve found some best practices for maximizing comfort and savings in your workspace.

Accessing Advanced Features Tailored for Businesses

The beauty of Nest lies in its advanced features specifically for business owners. Here‘s an overview of some key settings you‘ll want to enable:

Multiple Thermostats: If you have a larger office, connect multiple zone Nests to set different temperatures based on workspace usage.

Early-On: Have your space heated/cooled 30 minutes before the first employee arrives.

Home/Away Assist: This will automatically set the temperature to energy-saving levels when the last person leaves.

Remote control: Adjust the thermostat from your phone or laptop instead of leaving your desk.

Scheduling: Program business hour temperatures of 70°F heating or 74°F cooling for optimal comfort.

Usage reports: Track runtime hours and energy usage to pinpoint savings opportunities.

Creating Customized Schedules Around Business Hours

An effective schedule aligned to your team‘s working hours is key to maximizing productivity without inflating energy bills. Here‘s a sample schedule:

Time Temperature Setting
Weekdays 6-8 AM 70°F heating Pre-working hours
Weekdays 8 AM – 6 PM 74°F cooling Peak business hours
Weekdays 6-10 PM 78°F cooling Moderate after-hours
Weekends Eco mode Energy saving

As you can see, tailoring the schedule around your unique hours allows you to find the optimal balance of comfort and savings in your workspace.

My Guidance as an Entrepreneurship Consultant

As your consultant, I guide all my small business clients on how to configure their Nests strategically for their work environment. Beyond the schedule, I advise enabling Sunblock to prevent false temperature reads on sunny days. I also examine integrations with other smart devices like office lighting to maximize energy efficiency.

My goal is always to use my hands-on experience to offer clear, tailored guidance on wringing every last drop of value out of this powerful little device! I find most clients see heating/cooling cost reductions of 20% or more by optimizing their Nest to their business‘ unique needs.

I‘m always happy to answer any other specific questions on fine-tuning your office‘s Nest for peak efficiency and employee productivity. Feel free to reach out!