How to Add Tron Network to MetaMask in 2023 (EASY Steps!)

As a consultant dedicated to helping small businesses navigate the world of blockchain technology and crypto assets, I always recommend MetaMask as the go-to digital wallet option.

However, MetaMask only supports the Ethereum blockchain by default. So how do you add other blockchain networks like Tron?

Adding Tron network integration to your MetaMask wallet unlocks the many benefits of Tron blockchain for entrepreneurs and businesses – fast and affordable transactions for payments and supply chain management, zero gas fees, robust ecosystem of dApps, NFT marketplace for marketing etc.

In this detailed guide, I will provide step-by-step instructions on how to add Tron mainnet to your MetaMask wallet in just 5 minutes.

Overview of Tron Blockchain for Businesses

The Tron protocol is one of the fastest and most affordable blockchain networks in existence today.

Here are some key benefits of Tron blockchain for small business owners:

  • Transactions are FAST and CHEAP – It can handle upto 2000 TPS with consistent 2 second block generation time and near zero fees
  • Fully compatible with Ethereum – You can deploy Solidity based smart contracts and DApps at much lower costs
  • Robust ecosystem of dApps – There are many decentralized apps for payments, supply chain, data storage, computing that businesses can directly leverage
  • NFT marketplace – The APENFT NFT marketplace allows creating and selling NFT assets which is great for marketing

As per statistics from DappRadar:

  • Over 619+ dApps active on Tron Network
  • $8.35 Billion+ total value locked in Tron DeFi protocols
  • 7.5 Million+ registered Tron blockchain accounts

This makes adding Tron integration to MetaMask essential for entrepreneurs looking to use crypto solutions.


Ensure you have the following before getting started –

  • Chrome / Firefox browser installed
  • MetaMask browser extension added
  • Basic understanding of blockchain wallets

Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Follow these 5 simple steps to add Tron mainnet to your MetaMask wallet:

Step 1) Access MetaMask Settings

Open your browser, click on MetaMask extension and log in to your wallet. Click on the top right network dropdown menu and select ‘Settings‘.

Access MetaMask Wallet Settings

Step 2) Scroll Down and Click "Add Network"

Under ‘Networks‘ section, scroll down and locate the ‘Add Network‘ option.

Click on ‘Add Network‘ button. This will open custom settings to add Tron RPC.

Click on Add Network button

Step 3) Input Details

Enter following details in the form –

  • Network Name: Tron Mainnet
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 1
  • Currency Symbol (optional): TRX

Enter Tron Mainnet Details

Step 4) Click "Save"

Double check entered URL matches documentation. Also verify Chain ID is 1.

Once verified, click "Save" to add Tron mainnet RPC to MetaMask.

Step 5) Verify Tron on Network List

You will now see ‘Tron Mainnet‘ added to the network list dropdown in MetaMask. Click to connect.

Connecting Tron Mainnet on MetaMask

That‘s it! In 5 simple steps, you have successfully added Tron mainnet integration to your MetaMask wallet.

Next Steps

After adding Tron network, here are some things you should try –

  • Add TRX or TRC10/TRC20 tokens to your wallet
  • Connect to popular dApps built on Tron network
  • Use wallet for fast payments and settlements
  • Explore yield opportunities by staking TRX and other tokens
  • Mint or trade NFT assets on APENFT marketplace

So now that you know how easy it is to add Tron blockchain integration to MetaMask, leverage the full potential of Tron protocol for your small business!

Let me know in comments if you need any assistance in getting started.