The Entrepreneur‘s Guide to Adding Rinkeby Network on MetaMask (2024)

As an entrepreneur building decentralized applications on the blockchain, testing your dApps rigorously before launch is crucial. The Rinkeby test network provides an ideal sandbox for experimenting without risks.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share from my experience as a blockchain consultant on how to connect MetaMask wallet to the Rinkeby testnet for testing dApps.

Key Advantages of Using Rinkeby Network

Over 3000+ developers actively leverage Rinkeby for testing. As an entrepreneur, Rinkeby offers you several benefits:

  • Test dApps reliably in a production-like environment
  • Develop using free Test Ether so no real value is lost
  • Experiment freely without worrying about mistakes
  • Easily get user feedback by sharing test dApps

According to Ethereum’s stats, over $560,000 worth of test transactions happen daily on Rinkeby.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Rinkeby Network

Follow these steps to connect to the Rinkeby testnet:

Install MetaMask Browser Extension

Head over to to install the browser extension if you haven‘t already. MetaMask supports Chrome, Brave, Firefox and Edge browsers.

Log in to Your MetaMask Wallet

Launch the MetaMask extension and enter your password to unlock your wallet. Ensure you are on the Main Ethereum Network by default.

Access Network Settings

Click the network dropdown menu and scroll down to locate Custom RPC. Click on it.

MetaMask Network Settings

Configure Rinkeby Network

In the Custom RPC form, input the following:

  • Network Name: Rinkeby Test Network
  • New RPC URL:
  • Chain ID: 4
  • Currency Symbol (optional): rETH

Custom RPC Form

Then click Save to add Rinkeby.

Note: Get a free Infura project ID here if you don‘t have one.

Connect to the Rinkeby Testnet

Select Rinkeby Test Network from the network dropdown menu to connect.

Congratulations! You have now successfully added Rinkeby test network to your MetaMask wallet.

Getting Test Ether

To start experimenting and testing, you’ll need test Ether which you can get from faucets like Rinkeby Faucet and Chainlink Faucet.

Follow the simple steps on those faucet sites to dispense Test Ether into your wallet.

Key Differences Between Testnets

Rinkeby has a few advantages over other test networks:

Network Consensus Speed Stability
Rinkeby Proof-of-Authority Fast Very Stable
Ropsten Proof-of-Work Slow Unpredictable
Kovan Proof-of-Authority Medium Stable
Goerli Proof-of-Authority Medium Stable

As you can see, Rinkeby provides reliable testing conditions close to mainnet executions due to its speed and stability.

Developing Your First Test dApp

Now start building a simple decentralized application on Rinkeby using MetaMask and Remix IDE following this example guide.

Obtain user feedback by sharing your testnet dApp before taking it into production.

Troubleshooting Tips

Facing issues getting Rinkeby to work? Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  • Check if your Infura Project ID is correct
  • Ensure MetaMask is on latest version
  • Reset account and try readding Rinkeby
  • Clear browser cache and reload
  • Use another browser or MetaMask mobile

Still facing problems? Ask the Rinkeby Discord community for help.

I hope this article helped you understand how to connect MetaMask wallet with the Rinkeby test network for testing your decentralized applications safely. Let me know if you have any other questions!