How to Add a Post to Your Instagram Story: An Expert Guide for Small Businesses

Adding posts to your Instagram Story is an excellent yet underutilized strategy for small business owners to increase visibility and engagement. As a consultant who assists entrepreneurs with growing their social media presence, I‘ve seen firsthand how sharing feed posts as stories can help brands connect with potential customers.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll provide optimized advice for making the most of this feature.

Why You Should Be Using Stories

  • Reach New Audiences. When you reshare content to your story, there‘s the potential for it to be viewed by many more users than your current following.
  • Drive Traffic. Adding swipe up links lets you redirect story viewers to products, blogs, events pages or any other destination.
  • Increase Engagement. Posts shared in stories average 15% higher engagement rates over feed posts.
  • Highlight Timely Content. Refreshing older posts keeps them circulating and can attract additional eyes.

Step-by-Step Instructions

While the process is straightforward, properly preparing your story will optimize its impact.

Choose Content Carefully

Strategically select posts that align with your brand identity and audience interests. Creative or inspirational photos tend to resonate best.

Design with Intention

Take the time to stylize the sticker thoughtfully. For example, a retail business could frame a prodcut photo in their signature colors.

Add Value for Viewers

Supplementing with commentary, polls and calls-to-action makes it worthwhile for viewers while directing them where you want.

For detailed guidance, follow the 5 steps outlined here:

  1. Find A Post to Share
  2. Tap the Paper Airplane Icon
  3. Customize the Post Sticker
  4. Add Extra Elements
  5. Share It with Your Audience
[insert graphical walkthrough of steps]

Best Practices for Success

Implement these expert tips in your storytelling approach:

  • Link to your website or online shop to drive traffic
  • Ask thoughtful questions to spark engagement
  • Use relevant hashtags so content is discoverable
  • Tag any brands featured to expand reach
  • Monitor analytics to identify well-performing content to repurpose

Additional Tools and Apps

While Instagram‘s native editing options give you flexibility, third-party programs provide more advanced creative control. Some top recommendations:

Canva – Access a huge library of templates and graphics to make posts stand out. Easily add charts or infographics.

Later – A social media management platform with an intuitive story planner and designer. Great for preparing content batches in advance.

PLANOLY – Schedule visual stories and carousels, then analyze performance to inform future content. Saved templates streamline creating on-brand stories.

Putting It All Together

Sharing feed posts, when done intentionally, is an excellent tactic to cost-efficiently increase your Instagram presence and brand awareness as a small business owner. With the guidance provided in this article, you should feel equipped to begin incorporating stories into your social strategy. Remember to track engagement and continue experimenting with content that resonates with your target audience.

As a dedicated consultant for small business success, my pieces are crafted to arm entrepreneurs with actionable tips. Please feel free to connect with me for any additional 1-on-1 guidance on elevating your Instagram marketing approach. I look forward to helping drive your next growth phase!