How to Add LinkedIn to Your Resume to Showcase Your Skills as an Entrepreneur

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, highlighting your expertise through an optimized LinkedIn presence is invaluable when job seeking. With over 90% of recruiters using LinkedIn to source candidates, your profile can serve as a dynamic visual resume to capture hiring managers‘ attention.

Integrating a customized LinkedIn URL in your resume contact details makes it easy for recruiters to learn more with just one click. But simply adding a link is not enough. You need a stellar profile that reinforces your abilities as an entrepreneur.

Follow these tips as an entrepreneur to add LinkedIn to your resume for maximum impact:

Create an Expert Entrepreneur Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is prime real estate for promoting your personal brand. As an entrepreneur, incorporate details on your specialties, business ventures, and offerings. For example:

Serial Entrepreneur & Founder of ABC Company | Business Planning & Leadership Development

Keep it concise within 120 characters. The best headlines speak to the value you provide.

Showcase Achievements with Rich Media

One major advantage LinkedIn provides over traditional resumes is multimedia content. As an entrepreneur, you can convey achievements visually using images, videos, SlideShare presentations and more.

For example, talk through your business planning process via video or embed pitches/decks outlining successful initiatives you spearheaded. These dynamic elements bring your skills and accomplishments to life.

Customize Your Public Profile URL

LinkedIn automatically assigns a random string of numbers and letters to your public profile. To brand yourself as an entrepreneur, set a custom URL using your name:

This lends credibility and makes your profile link more memorable.

Optimize With Keywords from Job Descriptions

To pass application tracking systems and land interviews, pepper your profile with resume keywords from entrepreneurship job descriptions that capture your experience as a founder. But avoid awkwardly cramming in keywords. Use them naturally in summarizing responsibilities and areas of expertise while staying truthful.

Showcase Your Network

As an entrepreneur well-connected with professionals in many circles, showcase your large network by displaying 500+ connections. Join relevant entrepreneur groups and follow companies you admire or have worked with.

Commenting and liking content builds connections organically over time. These activities reinforce your networking abilities.

In today‘s digital era, your resume and LinkedIn presence must work cohesively to demonstrate your offerings as a strategic, results-getting entrepreneur. While resumes summarize qualifications, LinkedIn provides a platform to demonstrate first-hand entrepreneurship in action.