How to Add Experience on LinkedIn (Guide for 2023!)

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists small and medium-sized business owners, having an optimized LinkedIn profile is crucial for establishing credibility and attracting new clients and opportunities.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to showcase your skills, achievements, and career progression in your Experience section – a key section recruiters and potential business partners evaluate.

I‘ll also share insider optimization tips based on my own experience as an entrepreneur. By the end, you’ll know how to create an Experience section that positions you as a thought leader.

Craft an Eyecatching Yet Professional Headline

Your headline appears front and center under your name in search results. Use your 120 available characters to communicate:

  • Your specialization and niche (e.g. Small Business Growth Strategist)
  • Your target audience or industry (e.g. Helping Wellness Entrepreneurs Scale Online)
  • Key services offered or expertise provided (e.g. Business Planning, Marketing & Monetization)

As per LinkedIn’s 2022 data, profiles with customized headlines get 21x more profile views than default headlines using just your job title and company.

Choose a Profile Photo That Builds Credibility

Profiles with photos receive up to 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages. But it‘s vital to pick an authentic yet professional-looking headshot in neat attire with a simple background.

As a consultant, you want to come across as trustworthy and approachable, not overly salesy. Poor quality or overly casual photos can undermine perceptions of your capabilities.

Customize Public Profile Settings

Navigate to your Privacy settings via clicking on Me > Settings & Privacy > Select Edit Public Profile & URL in the Privacy tab.

Here you can choose whether you want:

  • Your network to know when you view someone‘s profile
  • Your connections visible to others
  • Activity broadcasts shown

As a consultant, having an open network policy that allows even 2nd degree connections to find you via search helps increase visibility and word-of-mouth marketing.

Craft Engaging Experience Descriptions

Skip the dry factual statements. Use descriptive language focused on the value and impact you provided in each role. Quantify achievements with measurable results ($$ amounts, % increases).

Align keywords used to your targeted niche and specialization to get found by ideal prospects. Structure with concise paragraphs, spaced out bullet points, numbers, or hyphen lists.

Here are two examples contrasting mundane vs engaging experience descriptions:


Marketing Manager at XYZ (Jan 2015 – Present)

  • Manage social media channels
  • Create content calendar
  • Oversee campaign production


Award-winning Marketing Strategist | XYZ Agency

  • Grew Instagram following from 5K to 500K users through viral hashtag campaign, generating 10x more site traffic within 1 year
  • Increased digital course sales by 350% after optimizing sales funnel, email sequences, and checkout processes
  • Conceptualized 12 viral marketing campaigns that averaged 4 million views each, promoting brand partnerships with Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft

Remember to also include measurable results and strategic impact in your experience descriptions as a consultant. Spotlight client success stories showcasing your expertise.

Showcase Achievements, Certifications & Awards

Every achievement and certification you earn further backs up your credibility. For instance, as an entrepreneurship consultant, highlight certifications like:

  • Small Business Administration Certified Small Business Consultant
  • IBM SkillsBuild for Small Business Growth Badge
  • Forbes Business Council Member

Don’t be afraid to show off awards, fellowships, speaking engagements, special projects etc. The more well-rounded expertise you demonstrate, the more seriously prospects will consider you.

Collect Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements serve as “social proof” signaling others can vouch for your skills and expertise. But written recommendations that detail positive working relationships or client success carry even more weight.

I directly ask clients I helped scale their businesses or improved revenues to write recommendations. This builds a credible portfolio highlighting my previous client outcomes to attract similar high-value prospects.

Promote Your Profile and Manage Notifications

After optimizing your profile, actively share it and relevant content with your network. Comment on posts to further engage your connections.

Also review notification settings (Under Me > Settings & Privacy > Communications > Preferences) to control notifications and stay updated on key messages.

As a consultant, being responsive and accessible often becomes a competitive advantage versus delayed responses from rivals. This facilitates converting qualified leads faster.

Key Takeaways

Optimizing your Experience section is critical for establishing credibility as an entrepreneurship consultant and attracting new small business clients. By adopting the best practices in this guide, you can craft an Experience section that clearly communicates your skills, achievements, and unique value.

Remember to keep your profile updated across all sections. Consistently engage your network by sharing content and commenting on posts. Maintain visibility notifications and respond promptly.

Now put these lessons into practice and get ready to start connecting with your next clients and exciting opportunities!