How to Add Commands on Twitch in 2024: The Ultimate Guide for Streamers

If you want to know how to add commands on Twitch, you are in the right place. Let‘s have a look.

As a streamer, custom Twitch commands are essential for engaging your audience, moderating chat, and automating responses to frequently asked questions. With the right commands, you can level up your channel and provide viewers with a more interactive experience.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about creating custom Twitch commands in 2024, from basics to advanced strategies.

Why Custom Commands Matter for Twitch Streamers

First, let‘s look at why commands should be part of your streaming strategy:

  • Save time – Commands instantly answer common questions so you don‘t have to repeat yourself constantly.
  • Increase interactivity – Well-designed commands encourage viewers to participate.
  • Promote your brand – Commands allow you to easily share socials, merchandise, etc.
  • Moderate chat – Moderator-only commands let you manage users and keep chat positive.
  • Analyze engagement – You can see which commands resonate best with your community.

According to StreamElements’ 2022 report, the top 1% of Twitch channels now have an average of 62 custom commands set up.

Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Twitch Commands

Ready to add commands to your Twitch channel? Follow these steps:

Access Custom Command Settings

  1. Log into Twitch and visit the Creator Dashboard.
  2. Click on Settings > Channel and Videos.
  3. Select the Custom Commands tab.

This is where you‘ll create and manage your channel‘s commands.

Create a New Command

  1. Click the + Add Command button.
  2. Enter your desired Command Name, e.g. !discord.
  3. Type the Response you want when the command is used.
  4. Click Save to finish creating the command.

That‘s all it takes to get a basic command up and running!

Set Up Commands with a Bot

While Twitch‘s built-in commands work, most large channels use bots like Nightbot for more advanced functionality:

  • Post full messages, links, images
  • Integrate with other tools and APIs
  • Moderator-only and viewer commands
  • Custom command triggers and variables

Setting up a bot takes a bit more time up front, but unlocks way more potential for your custom commands.

Command Ideas and Examples

Now let‘s look at some creative ways to use commands on Twitch and specific examples to inspire your own channel.

Informational Commands

These commands provide useful info to your viewers:

  • !schedule – Auto-post your weekly stream schedule
  • !discord – Share an instant invite link to your Discord
  • !specs – List your PC components and streaming gear
  • !socials – Consolidate links to ALL your social profiles

Interactive Commands

Encourage participation with these engaging commands:

  • !song – Show the currently playing song name and artist
  • !vote – Start a poll or vote on topics in chat
  • !lastdeath – Clip of your last funny multiplayer death

Brand Promotion Commands

Self-promo commands simplify sharing your brand:

  • !merch – Showcase/link to your merch store
  • !youtube – Latest YouTube uploads from your channel
  • !sponsor – Give a shoutout to sponsors and partners

Moderation Commands

Helper and moderator-only commands like:

  • !timeout [user] [time] – Time out a chatter
  • !ban [user] – Permanently ban a user
  • !clear – Clear the chat of excessive spam/messages

Putting it together, you can see how customized commands allow you to automate, inform, engage, and moderate. Set aside time to continually add, update, and prune your channel’s commands. Viewers will come to rely on and appreciate your specialized set.


Adding Twitch commands provides viewers with utility and entertainment while saving streamers time and effort. Using this guide, you can create customized commands right from Twitch’s Creator Dashboard or expand possibilities further with chatbots.

The most successful streamers constantly iterate on their commands to match their brand and community. With the right commands tailored to your channel, you can boost engagement and build a more dynamic live streaming experience on Twitch.