How to Add BTC to MetaMask in 2024 (Easy Way)

Let me walk you step-by-step through how to add actual Bitcoin to your MetaMask wallet.

As a cryptocurrency entrepreneur running a small DeFi education business, I’ve been through this process myself and want to share what I’ve learned.

While extremely helpful for accessing Ethereum’s DeFi ecosystem, MetaMask does not natively support Bitcoin. But with a few handy platforms, we can “wrap” BTC in a tokenized format compatible with MetaMask and Ethereum.

Let’s get right into it.

Why Add BTC to MetaMask?

Before we start, it’s worth understanding why we would want to add Bitcoin to a primarily Ethereum-focused wallet:

  1. Access advanced DeFi services – Adding BTC to MetaMask allows Bitcoin holders to tap into the many innovative DApps in Decentralized Finance built on Ethereum including decentralized exchanges, lending protocols with up to 10%+ APY interest on BTC holdings, and more.
  2. No need to sell BTC stack – Solutions like WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin) allow us to use our BTC for DeFi without needing to sell our actual Bitcoin holdings and potentially miss out on future gains.

As Bitcoin has appreciated substantially over recent years, more Bitcoin holders want better options for putting their holdings to work beyond just “buy and hold”.1

Integrating BTC with Ethereum DeFi provides more advanced opportunities.

Getting Set Up with MetaMask

Before going further, we need to have:

  • MetaMask browser extension setup – If you don’t have this already, install MetaMask and configure a wallet
  • ETH funds – We will need a bit of native ETH in the wallet later to pay gas fees when transacting on Ethereum

Once our MetaMask wallet is created make sure to:

  • Securely backup your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase (seed words)
  • Top up wallet with ETH (can buy directly in MetaMask or transfer from an exchange)

With that foundation in place, we can get to adding BTC.

Key Options for Adding BTC to MetaMask

There are two primary methods for integrating your Bitcoin with MetaMask and Ethereum DeFi:

1. Using Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

The most popular approach is converting BTC to the ERC-20 standard Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) via projects like wBTC or renBTC.

  • Pros – Seamless integration with Ethereum DeFi, high liquidity, simple minting/burning process
  • Cons – Requires trust in the wrapping provider’s collateral system

Over 5% of the total Bitcoin supply (~318k BTC) now resides on Ethereum in the form of WBTC alone, showcasing growing demand for this approach.2

2. Via Tokenized Bitcoin on Other Chains

Other blockchain projects like Stacks, Liquid Network, or SOV have created "BTC tokens" that track the price of Bitcoin. These tokens can then be bridged to Ethereum using decentralized bridges.

  • Pros – Avoid risks of BTC wrapping services’ collateral model
  • Cons – Smaller user bases, lower liquidity, and bridge vulnerability risks

For this walkthrough, we will focus on method #1 using the popular wrapped token WBTC. But I encourage you to research other tokenized BTC options as well.

Step 1 – Convert BTC to Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

The first step is converting our actual BTC to the ERC20 token Wrapped Bitcoin or WBTC.

A number of DeFi platforms facilitate this wrapping process including FTX, KuCoin, and crypto’s original wrapping service provided by BitGo. You’ll first need to move your Bitcoin into the platform’s wallet.

  1. Select desired amount of BTC to convert and transfer to platform’s BTC wallet address
  2. Follow platform process to “wrap” BTC into WBTC format (this mints WBTC tokens backed 1:1 with your BTC)
  3. Withdraw the WBTC to your Ethereum wallet address

Once withdrawn, your WBTC balance backed by locked Bitcoin is now an actual ERC-20 token compatible with MetaMask.

  • Make sure to research the risks around trusting a third-party with your Bitcoin through these wrapped token systems. Reputable platforms like BitGo undergo audits to prove 1:1 collateral, but risks still exist including black swan events.

Step 2 – Import WBTC Token to MetaMask

With WBTC now in our primary Ethereum wallet address, we simply need to add this as a custom token in MetaMask to view balances and transact:

  1. In MetaMask browser extension, click “Assets” and select “Import tokens”
  2. Enter WBTC Token Contract Address:
  3. Add Token name, symbol as WBTC, precision 18
  4. WBTC balance now tracks in MetaMask!

We can now leverage this WBTC to access various DeFi protocols from lending to DEX trading directly within our MetaMask wallet.

Step 3 – Using WBTC in DeFi dApps

A few popular DeFi money lego primitives accepting WBTC deposits from MetaMask include:


  • Aave – supply WBTC to liquidity pools earning up to 0.03% daily interest
  • Compound – earn over 11% APY supplying WBTC

Decentralized Trading

  • Uniswap – trade between WBTC and 1000s of other tokens
  • 1Inch – access best DEX prices aggregating Uniswap, Sushiswap, Kyber etc.

And many other DeFi apps now integrate WBTC as well.

The process for accessing these apps generally includes:

  1. Visit dApp website and connect MetaMask wallet
  2. Approve dApp token allowance access
  3. Deposit supported assets like WBTC
  4. Execute available services like trading tokens or earning yield

As always make sure to do your own research before depositing crypto assets into any DeFi protocol or platform.

Key Takeaways

The process for adding BTC to MetaMask leveraging tokenized wrappers like WBTC provides Bitcoin holders access to advanced DeFi without selling actual Bitcoin holdings.

Key points:

  • Convert BTC to an ERC-20 wrapped token format (e.g. WBTC) on supporting platforms
  • Withdraw wrapped tokens to Ethereum address accessible by MetaMask
  • Import custom token contract address into MetaMask
  • Leverage tokens in various DeFi dApps: DEXs, lending protocols etc.

Properly vet any third party token wrapping services for security and conduct testing with small amounts first.

I hope this guide gives you a good overview of accessing exciting Ethereum DeFi services with your Bitcoin holdings all through MetaMask! Please reach out if you have any other questions.

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