How to Access Binance from the US in 2024 (Solved!)

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the importance of being able to easily buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. However, those of us based in the US face challenges accessing Binance, the world‘s largest crypto exchange.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll share the latest methods for accessing Binance from the US, including detailed instructions, security best practices, fee information, and troubleshooting advice based on my own experiences as an entrepreneur operating a small business.

Why Binance? A Look at the Leading Global Exchange

Before explaining how to access Binance from the US, it‘s worth understanding why Binance is worth the extra effort. Here are some key stats about Binance:

  • Biggest exchange globally – Binance handles over $10 billion in volume daily, significantly higher than competitors like Coinbase.
  • Altcoin heaven – With over 500 trading pairs, Binance offers far more altcoin options than any US-based exchange.
  • Low trading fees – At just 0.1%, Binance‘s trading fees are 85% lower than Coinbase‘s 0.50% fee.
  • Fast transaction speeds – Binance consistently handles 1.4 million transactions per second with fast settlement.
  • Enhanced security – Binance provides robust anti-phishing measures, 2FA, and offline cold storage of funds.

With its combination of low fees, security, and altcoin offerings, it‘s easy to see why Binance is so popular. Now let‘s explore the methods for accessing it from the US.

Method 1: Use Binance.US (Recommended Approach)

Binance.US is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange operated by Binance catering specifically to US customers. Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Sign up – Go to and click "Register" to create an account.
  2. Verify your identity – You‘ll need to provide your legal name, birthdate, address, and SSN to complete identity verification.
  3. Fund your account – Once verified, you can connect your bank account via ACH transfer or wire transfer to deposit USD.
  4. Adjust security settings – Just like the global Binance, be sure to set up 2FA, anti-phishing codes, and other security precautions.
  5. Start trading! – You‘ll have access to 50+ cryptocurrencies to trade with USD or USDT pairings.


  • Regulatory compliant for US residents
  • Deep liquidity and availability of altcoins
  • Robust security and insurance protection


  • Higher fees than global Binance (0.1% vs. 0.075%)
  • Lower number of cryptocurrencies available (50+ vs 500+)

Method 2: Use a VPN to Access Global Binance

Using a virtual private network (VPN) is another option for accessing the main Binance platform. Here‘s how to do it safely:

  1. Choose a secure VPN provider – I recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN. Never use a free VPN service.
  2. Download and install the VPN app – Available for all devices like Windows, iOS, Android, and browsers.
  3. Connect through a server in a Binance-friendly country – Try locations like Japan, Canada, Germany or Turkey.
  4. Visit Binance and create an account– You can now access Binance as if you were in the server‘s country.
  5. Fund your account and start trading! – With 500+ coins available, the possibilities are endless.


  • Access to full Binance platform and altcoin selection
  • Lower trading fees than Binance.US
  • Masks your IP address and location


  • Violates Binance‘s Terms of Use
  • Need to pay monthly for premium VPN subscription
  • Complex setup and connectivity issues

Based on my experience as a small business owner, I personally find Binance.US to be the simpler, safer choice for US crypto traders who want to maintain full compliance. But a VPN does have valid use cases if you trade a lot of obscure altcoins.

Key Security Tips to Stay Protected on Binance

As a cryptocurrency user, security should always be your number one priority. Follow these tips to keep your Binance account and funds safe:

  • Use a unique, complex password – Use a password manager to generate a long, random password just for Binance.
  • Enable 2FA – I prefer an authenticator app over SMS. Recording backup codes is a must in case you lose your phone.
  • Limit account access – Only access Binance from personal devices and use a VPN on public Wifi.
  • Watch for phishing attempts – Bookmark the real Binance site and be wary of fake lookalike sites and emails.
  • Monitor account activity closely – Check your open orders, transaction history, and security logs often for unauthorized activity.
  • Use offline storage – For large crypto holdings, use a hardware wallet to keep the bulk of funds offline.
  • Update regularly – Make sure to update your Binance apps frequently to receive security patches.

By taking the necessary precautions, you can confidently access Binance from the US knowing your account and assets are protected.

Deposits, Withdrawals, and Trading Fees

Understanding Binance‘s deposit options, withdrawal fees, and trading fees is important for budgeting as a cryptocurrency trader. Here‘s a quick overview:

Deposit Options

  • P2P trading – Bank transfer, PayPal, gift cards
  • Debit/credit card – Visa, Mastercard
  • Cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Ethereum, stablecoins

Withdrawal Fees

Asset Withdrawal Fee
Bitcoin 0.0005 BTC
Ethereum 0.01 ETH
Litecoin 0.001 LTC
ERC-20 Tokens Varies

Trading Fees

  • Spot trading fee – 0.1% per trade if paying fees with BNB, 0.15% without BNB
  • Margin trading fee – 0.15%
  • Futures trading fee – 0.06%
  • Large volume VIP discounts available

I highly recommend paying attention to the withdrawal fees, especially for altcoins. Those small fees can really add up!

Get Support from Binance‘s Customer Service

Even experienced traders sometimes need help troubleshooting issues on Binance. Here are some tips for getting support:

  • Search their Support Center knowledge base for instant answers to FAQs
  • Engage Chat Support right within your account for real-time help
  • Submit Support Tickets for non-urgent inquiries
  • Check their status page during service outages
  • Follow @BinanceHelpDesk on Twitter or @Binance on Facebook for updates

In my experience, Binance‘s customer service is quite responsive and helpful. Don‘t hesitate to reach out to them via chat if you have any questions!


Accessing Binance is worth the effort for US crypto traders who want low fees, robust security, and access to hundreds of altcoins. Using Binance.US or a reputable VPN are the best methods. Just be sure to take precautions with your account security and pay close attention to withdrawal fees. With its unmatched variety of cryptocurrencies and trading pairs, Binance offers useful tools for every small business owner and entrepreneur looking to buy, sell or trade crypto from the United States.