How Old Do You Have to Be to Sell on Depop? A Teen Guide to Depop Age Requirements

Depop is an online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell new or used clothing and accessories. With its community of young sellers and buyers, Depop has become especially popular among teens looking to make extra cash. But at what age can you actually start selling on Depop?

As an entrepreneurship consultant who assists ecommerce businesses, I‘m often asked about Depop‘s age requirements. Here‘s what teens need to know about how old you have to be to sell on Depop legally and safely.

Depop‘s Official Minimum Age to Sign Up

According to Depop‘s terms of service, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account. This minimum age complies with COPPA regulations for kid-directed websites and apps.

While 13 is the minimum age to have a Depop account, you do have to be older to actually sell items, as I‘ll explain next.

Requirements for Selling on Depop Under 18

To sell on Depop, users under 18 must meet these age requirements:

  • Have a PayPal account – To receive payouts, you need a PayPal account. Per PayPal‘s user agreement, you must be 18 years old to open a PayPal account.
  • Use a parent‘s PayPal account – Depop sellers under 18 can use their parent or guardian‘s PayPal account with permission.
  • Follow state laws – Some states require parental consent for minors under 18 to enter into online retail contracts. Check your state‘s regulations.

So with adult supervision and access to a parent‘s PayPal account, Depop users as young as 13 can start selling. Just know that the income belongs to your parent until you turn 18.

The Risks of Selling on Depop Underage

Although Depop permits teen sellers, there are some unique risks to be aware of:

  • No buyer/seller protections – Under Depop and PayPal‘s rules, minors don‘t benefit from the same fraud protections.
  • Shipping issues – You can‘t create shipping labels as a minor, so you‘ll rely on parents for this.
  • Tax implications – Your parent claims and pays taxes on your income since it‘s their PayPal account.
  • Blocked payments – Depop may freeze payouts if they suspect you falsely claimed to be 18+.
  • Legal liability – Your parent assumes full liability for any legal issues that arise.

Tips for Selling Successfully and Safely on Depop Under 18

If you have adult supervision and meet Depop‘s age criteria, you can sell successfully by:

  • Taking well-lit, high-quality photos of your items
  • Pricing competitively based on similar listings
  • Describing items accurately and in detail
  • Responding to buyer messages within 24 hours
  • Meeting shipping deadlines and packing items securely
  • Providing excellent customer service

Additionally, have your parent handle shipping and payouts. This keeps everything above board with Depop and PayPal.

What Percentage of Depop Sellers Are Under 18?

Depop does not release exact data on seller demographics. However, teens likely represent a significant portion of active sellers:

  • Over 90% of Depop‘s users are under the age of 26
  • The majority of items sold on Depop are youthful, fast-fashion brands
  • Depop is especially popular among Gen Z teens and young adults

While underage sellers probably account for a large subgroup on Depop, the exact percentage is unknown. Sellers aren‘t required to disclose their age publicly.

Consequences of Lying About Your Age on Depop

Although Depop allows teen sellers with adult supervision, it‘s against the rules to falsify your age. Here‘s what could happen if Depop suspects you lied about being 18+:

  • Your account may be suspended or deactivated
  • Any pending payments could be frozen or forfeited
  • You violate state contract law regarding minors and ecommerce
  • You lose all buyer/seller protections associated with the platform

Lying about your age puts you at unnecessary legal and financial risk. It‘s best to be transparent about your age from the start.

Setting Teen Sellers Up for Success

Selling on Depop can be an exciting, educational experience for teens. As a young entrepreneur, you can earn extra income while developing business skills.

Just be sure to carefully follow Depop‘s age policies and rules. Be transparent about your age, use a parent‘s PayPal, and take safety precautions.

With supervision and consistency, any motivated teen can leverage Depop to begin their ecommerce journey.