How Much is Amazon Prime in 2023? A Detailed Guide for Small Businesses

Amazon Prime is one of the most popular membership programs today, with over 200 million members globally. With benefits like free shipping, entertainment streaming, and exclusive deals, it‘s easy to see the appeal for consumers. But Prime also offers significant advantages that small and medium-sized businesses should consider. This comprehensive guide will explore Prime pricing, benefits, and strategies to help you determine if a business Prime membership is worthwhile.

Overview of Amazon Prime for Businesses

Amazon Prime for business offers the same benefits as a regular Prime membership but with business-friendly features like multi-user access and central payment options. The two Prime for business plans are:

  • Business Prime: $139/year or $12.99/month per user
  • Business Prime Shipping: $10,099/year flat fee for up to 10 users

Over 50% of Amazon Business members subscribe to Business Prime for benefits like free two-day shipping on over 100 million items and access to Prime entertainment like movies and music.

Evaluating the Benefits of Business Prime

While the shipping perks tend to get the most attention, Prime offers a number of additional benefits that provide value for businesses:

  • Significant shipping savings: Recent surveys indicate Prime members save an average of $600 on expedited shipping fees per year. With free two-day shipping on millions of items, businesses can majorly cut yearly shipping spend.
  • Free same-day/1 hour delivery: For time-sensitive orders, Prime unlocks access to ultra-fast delivery in select areas without markup fees. This can be a lifesaver for small businesses that need something ASAP.
  • Early access to deals: Prime members get 30 minute early access to Lightning Deals and Treasure Truck discounts. This creates opportunities for extra savings on business purchases.
  • Increased visibility: Prime doubles a brand‘s chances of securing the Prime label, which helps drive product visibility and discovery.
  • Unlimited photo storage: Prime Photos offers secure and unlimited full-resolution photo storage for product images, headshots, brand assets and more.

Estimating Potential Savings with Prime

Let‘s look at a hypothetical example to estimate yearly shipping savings for a small retailer with 150 weekly shipments:

  • Average expedited shipping cost per package: $8
  • 150 shipments per week x 52 weeks = 7,800 shipments
  • 7,800 yearly shipments x $8 average shipping cost = $62,400 in annual spend

With Prime‘s free expedited shipping, this company could potentially save $62,400 per year on shipping costs alone. Even conservatively, this covers the $10,099 Business Prime Shipping fee more than 6 times over. Add in savings on same-day delivery fees, Lightning Deals, photos storage, and more, and the benefits really compound.

Expert Tips to Maximize Business Prime

Here are some best practices I recommend to clients to optimize Prime for their business:

  • Leverage promotional tools: Take advantage of Prime badges, marketing banners, and other tools to promote Prime benefits to customers. This can boost conversion.
  • Understand the algortihm: Product relevance and conversion history affect search visibility. Optimize listings for Prime visibility.
  • Use FBA for scaling: Combine Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) services with Prime to efficiently scale order fulfillment.
  • Analyze data insights: Use the Amazon Retail Analytics Premium service to uncover insights on Prime customer behavior.
  • Consider credit card: The Prime Business card offers 5% back on Amazon Business purchases for Prime members.

Key Limitations to Note

While Prime has many benefits, there are some limitations to consider:

  • Variable shipping speeds: Delivery times can fluctuate based on item availability, origin zip code, and other factors. Manage expectations.
  • No negotiable shipping rates: You must use Amazon‘s published Prime shipping rates with no room for custom negotiation.
  • FBA fees not included: FBA warehouse storage fees, pick and pack charges, etc are separate from Prime fees.


A Business Prime membership can provide significant benefits for e-commerce companies, retailers, B2B firms, and other businesses that leverage Amazon. The combination of shipping savings, promotional capabilities, entertainment perks, purchasing insights, and more can deliver outstanding value. Carefully evaluate your unique business needs and order volume to determine if the investment in Business Prime makes sense.