How Much Are Dell Business Laptops? A Small Business Guide

As a small business owner exploring new laptop options, you may be wondering: how much do Dell business laptops cost? What models are right for my company‘s needs and budget? This comprehensive guide examines Dell‘s versatile business laptop lineup options, pricing, and customization opportunities – tailored specifically for small and medium businesses.

Dell Business Laptop Price Ranges

Costs for DellLatitude and Vostro business laptops suitable for SMBs span from $349 on the low end to $2,000+ on the high-end. Here‘s a breakdown with common use cases:

Entry-level (Around $349 – $700):

  • Dell Vostro 14 3000/5000 – Web apps, Office apps, accounting software, email
  • Older refurb Latitude models – Basic computing/admin tasks

Mid-range (Around $700 – $1,100)

  • Newer Dell Latitude 3000/5000 – Multitasking, video calls, moderate graphic design apps
  • Dell Vostro 15 7000 – Sales presentations, document management, CRM platforms

High-end ($1,100 – $2,000+):

  • Dell Latitude 7000/9000 series – Engineering/architecture software, intensive creative apps
  • Dell Precision mobile workstations – Advanced creative apps, data science, programming

As you scale up in price from entry to high-end, expect commensurate jumps in computing performance, build quality, battery life and platform longevity. Buy only what your SMB workflows require for the best value.

Most Relevant Specs for SMBs

Given how Dell business laptops get utilized in SMB contexts, three specs deserve special consideration:

CPU – The latest 12th Gen Intel Core i5 and i7 processors enable snappy response when multi-tasking many browser tabs and business apps simultaneously. Slow CPUs bog workers down.

RAM – 16GB RAM comfortably supports a hefty Chrome browser, Outlook, QuickBooks and typical office software concurrently without slowdown. Upgrade from the base 8GB if within budget.

Storage – 512GB SSD storage enables local filing of documents, media assets, archived emails and other persistent business content with room to grow.

Carefully selecting these key productivity enablers provides your growing company with years of speedy, responsive computing. Buy RAM/storage in excess of immediate needs to accommodate future expansion for best value.

Great Dell Models for SMBs

The Dell Latitude and Vostro lines offer excellent bang-for-buck for cash-conscious small business. Two models in particular shine:

Dell Latitude 5420
The Latitude 5420 strikes the ideal balance of performance, mobility, and value. Standout features critical for SMB usage include the 12th Gen i7 processor, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD and Full HD webcam. Plus it weighs just 3.5lbs for easy transport to client meetings and remote offices. Pricing starts around $1,700.

Dell Vostro 5620
The Vostro 5620 packs impressive capabilities into a much lower cost profile. The 12th Gen i5 CPU, 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD power through everyday SMB workflows. A $1,149 starting price makes this model particularly attractive for budget-limited companies.

Both models above exhibit the business-grade reliability, security and support that give Dell enterprise laptops their reputation. And customization options allow tailoring to specific needs.

Customization & Accessories

All SMBs operate differently, so the ability to customize Dell hardware to specific requirements before purchase is invaluable. Common custom upgrades that deliver tangible benefits include:

  • Additional storage: For media teams, quadruple disk space from 512GB to 2TB for $200
  • RAM expansion: Boost multitasking by doubling RAM from 16GB to 32GB for $120
  • Warranty upgrades: Extend hardware protection from 1 year up to 5 years for more peace of mind

Optional accessories like external monitors, keyboards, mouse devices and privacy screen filters heighten productivity for in-office staff. Speak to a Dell Technologies Advisor to explore fit-for-purpose configurations for your exact needs.

As you evaluate Dell laptops for your SMB workflows, keep this guide top of mind. Seek out mid-range models with mainstream specs – then customize to accelerate business growth. Reach out if any additional questions!