How Much Does Amazon Make A Day? A Detailed Look at Their Daily Revenue

As a small business consultant, I‘m constantly looking at industry leaders to understand what drives their phenomenal success and identify strategies entrepreneurs can learn from. And when it comes to success, Amazon stands out as one of the most remarkable business stories of our time.

But exactly how much cash does this e-commerce giant generate on a daily basis? Let‘s take a comprehensive look at the data.

Key Stats on Amazon‘s Impressive Daily Revenue

  • Per available data, Amazon makes an astounding $1.56 billion per day in net revenue as of 2022.
  • This translates to over $18,700 every second – an incredible rate of cash generation.
  • For 2021, their total annual revenue clocked in at $469.8 billion, up a solid 22% over 2020.
  • Amazon‘s market capitalization stands at a mammoth $1.3 trillion as of August 2022, one of the highest valuations globally.

Breaking Down The Sources Driving This Massive Daily Revenue

Amazon generates cash from several key business segments, but online retail remains the core revenue driver:

Online and Physical Store Sales

This includes revenue from products sold directly to consumers through Amazon‘s e-commerce platform as well as Whole Foods grocery stores. For 2021, Amazon reported $305 billion in online store sales, which comes out to approximately $835 million per day.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

As the world‘s leading cloud platform, AWS has become a key profit driver, with 2021 revenue topping $62 billion. That‘s up 37% from 2020, showcasing astonishing growth.


Rapidly emerging as a key revenue stream, Amazon‘s advertising platform revenue jumped 31% in 2021 to $31 billion, or approximately $85 million per day.

Subscription Services

Amazon Prime membership fees, Audible subscriptions and more generate strong recurring revenue. As of 2021, Amazon had over 200 million Prime members globally, paying around $139 per year in the U.S.

Surpassing Other Tech Giants

Amazon‘s daily revenue is substantially higher than other big tech peers like Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft, which generate around $149 million, $117 million and $99 million per day respectively. This comparison puts Amazon‘s earnings power in perspective.

Growth Trends and Projections

Zooming out beyond just daily numbers, Amazon has maintained an average 27% annual growth rate over the past decade – a staggering pace at their scale. And growth is projected to continue, with revenue potentially reaching $1.2 trillion by 2025.

Key Takeaways for Entrepreneurs

Reviewing these numbers, a few key takeaways emerge for business owners:

  • The power of optimizing the customer experience – Amazon‘s obsession in this area is a huge differentiator.
  • Recognizing emerging revenue streams – AWS and advertising were untapped markets Amazon pivoted into.
  • Investing to support growth – Amazon pours billions back into R&D, infrastructure, hiring.
  • Taking the long view – Amazon focuses on long-term market leadership, not short-term profits.

While Amazon‘s scale is unmatched, implementing even parts of their playbook around customer centricity, new revenue channels and investing in growth can supercharge small businesses. Combining these strategies with an entrepreneurial spirit positions you for success.