How Many Subscribers Does Salesforce Have in 2024?

As an entrepreneurship consultant, I‘m often asked by small business owners about the best technology for managing sales and customers. My top recommendation is always Salesforce. As the global leader in CRM software, Salesforce enables companies of any size to streamline processes and boost growth. But just how many businesses actually use Salesforce today?

The Explosive Growth of Salesforce Subscribers

Since launching in 1999, Salesforce has experienced meteoric growth:

  • By 2004, just 5 years after founding, Salesforce already had over 270,000 subscribers. This early traction showed the huge demand for cloud CRM.
  • In 2013, the subscriber base topped over 100,000 business customers – a major milestone on the path to market dominance.
  • Today in 2024, over 150,000 companies worldwide leverage Salesforce for sales, service, marketing and more.

Salesforce maintains a commanding 23.8% market share of the CRM software industry. For perspective, its next closest competitor SAP has just 5.4% share.

Salesforce‘s Industry and Geographic Reach

As an entrepreneur, you can take confidence knowing that Salesforce powers customer interactions at some of the world‘s most innovative companies including:

  • Technology – Amazon Web Services, Canon, Spotify
  • Financial Services – American Express, US Bank
  • Retail – Macy‘s, Aldo
  • Healthcare – Anthem, Philips
  • Manufacturing – Schneider Electric, GE

Over 80% of Fortune 500 companies now use Salesforce. But its solutions also scale down to early-stage startups.

Geographically, Salesforce has gained adoption across 100+ countries globally. This widespread reach brings built-in localization and language support.

The Salesforce Ecosystem Beyond CRM

While renowned for CRM, Salesforce actually offers a vast ecosystem beyond its core solutions:

  • AppExchange – Access over 5,000 apps to extend Salesforce with niche functionality.
  • Einstein AI – Harness artificial intelligence for predictions and recommendations.
  • Trailhead – Pick up Salesforce admin skills through free online training content.
  • Events – Network with peers and experts at the annual Dreamforce conference.

This ecosystem gives customers tremendous flexibility to customize Salesforce to their unique needs.

What‘s Driving Salesforce‘s Ongoing Growth?

There are several key factors powering Salesforce‘s continued subscriber boom:

  • Cloud-First Model – No lengthy on-premise installations enables rapid deployment.
  • Scalability – Pay only for what you use and adjust subscriptions as your business evolves.
  • Integration – Built-in ability to connect with other apps and databases.
  • Innovation – Salesforce is pioneering innovations like AI, Voice, IoT and Blockchain.
  • Trust – A secure infrastructure and 99.9% uptime gives peace of mind.

Salesforce By the Numbers

  • Over 150,000 business subscribers
  • Projected 26.5 billion in 2024 revenue
  • Holds #1 market share in sales, service and overall CRM
  • 2.3 million people have learned Salesforce on Trailhead
  • Added 18,000 net new employees in 2024 fiscal year

Key Takeaway for Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneurship consultant, my key takeaway is this – if you‘re launching or growing a small business, make Salesforce your foundation for managing customer relationships.

Backed by over 150,000 global subscribers, Salesforce offers the scalability, flexibility and leading edge innovation needed to thrive. The diverse apps, training and events also provide long-term value.

While SAP, Oracle and others compete for market share, Salesforce remains the undisputed leader in CRM. Trust their decades of expertise to set your startup‘s sales and marketing on the path to success.