The Global Pet Population: How Many Pets are in the World & the US in 2024?

As a small business consultant who assists entrepreneurs in the pet industry, I‘m often asked – just how many furry friends are there out there? What do the latest statistics show about global and US pet ownership trends?

In this in-depth guide, I‘ll break down the pet population worldwide and here in the America, outlining key data points and trends.

Over 1 Billion Pets and Rising

The global pet population has surpassed 1 billion according to the latest data. That‘s a lot of happy tails wagging!

To put this in perspective, over half of households worldwide now have at least one pet. In the US, 70% of homes include a pet.

As a small business expert, I‘ve seen the steady rise in pet ownership drive opportunity for entrepreneurs across industries like pet food, supplies, services, healthcare and more. This upward trend shows no signs of slowing.

Where Do the Most Pets Live?

The US has one of the highest rates of pet ownership globally, followed by countries like Brazil, China, France and Russia.

Here‘s a breakdown of leading pet populations worldwide:

  • US: 163 million pets
  • China: 133 million pets
  • Brazil: 120 million pets
  • France: 63 million pets
  • Russia: 59 million pets

Dogs are the most popular pet globally, with cat ownership also continuing to rise across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Pet ownership rates globally

Data source: Pedigree

Zooming in on the US Pet Population

As a US-based consultant, I‘m particularly interested in pet ownership trends here at home. The latest data shows:

  • 163 million pets in the US currently
  • 85 million US households with pets
  • 63% of US households have at least 1 pet

Dogs and cats make up the bulk of US pets, with around:

  • 90 million cats
  • 80 million dogs
  • 20 million birds
  • 10 million horses
  • 10 million reptiles

Millennials now account for 32% of US pet owners, indicating continued growth ahead.

Focused on the Future

For small businesses in the pet space, these data points highlight tremendous opportunity for growth and expansion. As an expert consultant to entrepreneurs, I‘m focused on helping pet businesses ride this wave through strategic planning, product development, marketing and more.

The future looks bright for our furry friends! With over 1 billion pets and counting worldwide, I anticipate steady industry growth and advancement for decades to come.