How Many People Use Yelp in 2023? A Deep Dive into Usage and Demographics

As a small business consultant, I‘m often asked – just how many people actually use Yelp? And who are they?

These are critical questions. Understanding Yelp‘s expansive reach and demographics allows us to strategize how small businesses can succeed on the platform.

In this in-depth guide, we‘ll explore the latest data and trends to paint a clear picture of Yelp‘s huge (and growing) influence.

Yelp by the Numbers

Let‘s start with the key stats:

  • 178 million monthly active users globally
  • 105 million monthly users in the United States
  • 33% penetration rate in the US
  • 92 million monthly active mobile app users
  • 69 million monthly active mobile web users

Over the past 5 years, Yelp has seen steady growth in monthly visitors:

Year Monthly Visitors
2019 179 million
2020 183 million
2021 186 million
2022 178 million

As these numbers show, Yelp attracts nearly 200 million people every month who are actively looking for businesses like yours. This makes it a critical channel for customer acquisition and brand awareness.

Who‘s on Yelp? Demographic Breakdown

So who are Yelp‘s millions of monthly users? Let‘s look at the demographics:


  • 26% of users are 18-34 years old
  • 38% are 35-54 years old
  • 36% are 55+ years old

Yelp appeals to a wide range of age groups, with strong representation across Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers.


  • 17% did not attend college
  • 60% attended college
  • 23% attended graduate school

Again, we see diversity among education levels, spanning from high school graduates up to post-grads.


  • 47% of users are female
  • 53% are male

The gender breakdown is nearly equal, though slightly more male than female.


  • 29% of users make less than $50k
  • 30% make $50k-$100k
  • 41% make over $100k

While Yelp overindexes on higher income brackets, nearly a third of users still represent middle and lower incomes.


The top 5 countries by Yelp usage:

  1. United States – 105 million
  2. Canada – 6.3 million
  3. United Kingdom – 4.1 million
  4. Germany – 5.3 million
  5. France – 4.2 million

Yelp is most heavily used in the US, but has a notable international presence as well.

Why Yelp Resonates Across Demographics

What makes Yelp so universally appealing? A few key reasons:

  • Trustworthiness: Yelp‘s unfiltered, authentic reviews build confidence across user groups.
  • Ease of use: The interface makes finding local businesses effortless for all demographics.
  • Photos and content: Useful first-hand descriptions appeal to visual and text-focused users alike.
  • Accessibility: Available across web and mobile, accommodating various access needs.
  • Price consciousness: Ratings and reviews empower smart spending across income levels.

Strategic Takeaways for Small Businesses

Given Yelp‘s extensive reach, here are my top tips for small businesses looking to get the most from the platform:

  • Claim your listing to take control of your profile.
  • Respond professionally to all reviews, negative or positive.
  • Share photos to highlight your business‘ best features.
  • Run targeted ads focused on your ideal demographic subsets.
  • Track metrics like page views and leads to optimize efforts.
  • Be patient – your Yelp presence will grow with time and care.

While Yelp has room for improvement in areas like algorithm transparency, its vast audience and influence cannot be ignored. With smart strategy, any small business can harness Yelp for growth and success.