How Many People Use Snapchat in 2024? A Deep Dive into The Platform‘s Continued Growth

As a consultant who assists small and medium businesses, I‘m often asked – just how big is Snapchat these days? While most people know it‘s wildly popular, the actual user statistics are quite staggering.

In this article, I‘ll share the latest data on Snapchat‘s user base, demographics, usage habits and more. I‘ll also provide analysis on what this means for businesses looking to market on Snapchat. Let‘s dive in!

Snapchat Keeps Adding Millions of Users Year-Over-Year

Snapchat has seen massive growth in daily active users (DAUs) over the last several years. Here‘s a snapshot:

  • 2020: 280 million DAUs
  • 2021: 319 million DAUs
  • 2022: 347 million DAUs
  • Current (Q1 2023): Over 406 million DAUs

That‘s over 125 million new active users added in just two years! The growth keeps accelerating as Snapchat expands internationally and introduces new features.

Below is a chart showing Snapchat‘s daily active user growth since 2016:

Snapchat Daily Active User Growth Chart

Key takeaway: Snapchat has maintained stunning growth despite being a relatively mature social platform. This makes it a compelling marketing channel for brands.

Snaps Created Daily Continues to Rise

Alongside more users, Snapchat has also seen snaps created daily skyrocket:

  • 2016: Over 2.5 billion snaps per day
  • 2018: Over 3 billion snaps per day
  • 2021: Over 5 billion snaps per day

That‘s nearly 5,000 snaps created every second! It speaks to how ingrained Snapchat is in people‘s lives. Most users open Snapchat over 20 times per day.

Below is a breakdown of Snapchat usage by age group:

Age Group Avg. Minutes Per Day on Snapchat
13-17 60 mins
18-24 56 mins
25-29 49 mins
30-49 29 mins

Teens spend over an hour on Snapchat daily! And it remains popular even with 25-29 year olds. The heavy usage demonstrates Snapchat‘s stickiness.

Snapchat‘s Innovations Drive Growth

Snapchat managed to gain traction in a saturated social media market by innovating. Some of Snapchat‘s most popular innovations include:

  • Stories – Shared photos/videos that disappear after 24 hours. Now used by over 250 million users.
  • Lenses – Fun AR effects and filters powered by technology. Used in over 70% of Snaps.
  • Discover – Content and news from leading publishers. 90% of users watch Discover content.
  • Geofilters – Filters unique to geographic locations. 130 million users add Geofilters to snaps.

These features resonate with Snapchat‘s young user base who crave fun, visual communication. For marketers, these innovations also provide ways to engage users that can‘t be replicated on other platforms.

Who‘s Using Snapchat? Key Demographics

Understanding Snapchat‘s demographics allows marketers to better target their spend. Here‘s a closer look:


  • 13-24 year olds represent ~65% of users
  • 25-34 year olds represent ~25%
  • 35-54 year olds represent ~10%
  • 55+ represent just ~2%

Snapchat is incredibly popular among teens and millennials. But usage starts declining around age 35. It has struggled to gain adoption with older demographics.


  • 56% of users are female
  • 44% of users are male

Snapchat has a slight tilt towards female users. However, its gender balance is much more equal than platforms like Instagram and Pinterest which skew heavily female.


  • North America – 98 million DAUs (32% of total)
  • Europe – 85 million DAUs (27% of total)
  • Rest of World – 164 million DAUs (41% of total)

Snapchat has huge potential to expand further globally, especially in fast-growing markets like India where usage is still nascent. This represents a major growth opportunity.

Marketing Opportunities on Snapchat

Given Snapchat‘s scale among teens and millennials, plus its innovative ad products, it‘s a marketing channel brands should seriously consider. Here are some ways to capitalize on Snapchat‘s user base:

  • Targeting – Snapchat lets you target ads by age, gender, location, interests and behaviors. Target 13-24 years olds in particular.
  • Geofilters – Geofilters promote brands while letting users augment snaps. They work well for retail locations or events.
  • AR lenses – Branded lenses that interact with users‘ selfies drive high engagement.
  • Influencer Marketing – Snapchat influencers can showcase products in a fun, authentic way to their followers.
  • Our Stories – Curated content that makes brands "Snapchat official accounts" and broadens reach.

The possibilities are endless, given Snapchat‘s uniqueness and audience. There‘s no time like the present to explore marketing on the platform.


Snapchat has grown to become one of the largest social networks with over 406 million daily active users. It is deeply integrated into the lives of teens and millennials in particular.

With users creating 5 billion snaps per day, the platform offers immense marketing potential through innovative formats like geofilters, lenses, and stories.

As Snapchat expands further internationally and adds new capabilities like commerce, the opportunity will only grow. For marketers focused on younger demographics, Snapchat is now an essential pillar that can complement Instagram and TikTok efforts.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m happy to offer advice on developing effective Snapchat marketing strategies.